Colleges to their graduates: Don't accept an offer and then cancel it before your hire date or you'll get yourself and the college in trouble.

Companies to their hires:

Microsoft Teams is bad because it's a threaded forum with the UI of a chat room. It's so aggravating how they make it so easy to accidentally start a new thread instead of replying to a message.

Starting a new thread should require the opening of a modal.

Update: that was the most empty, soulless meal i've had, and this is coming from someone who unironically drinks soylent

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Having some eggo waffles for the first time in 15 years. Wish me luck

Double masters is the most ridiculous MTG product I've seen.

Remember when mobile sites weren't hostile user experiences designed to harass you into downloading an app??

The cross-client verification in Riot/Matrix takes quite a while.

The creators of SimCity had a division that made Sim games for corporations, including a game for Chevron called SimRefinery.

For the first time ever: this is the story of Maxis Business Simulations

This is the culmination of four years of research, and I'm so proud to share it 💚

The Sims is an uncomfortable game because it shows me that no matter what goal I set in life, I pursue it relentlessly ignoring everything else. I am now a wealthy and award-winning author-painter-composer....... but at what cost?

Dream geometry is fun, though. The cybertruck was simultaneously smaller and larger than it should have been.

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Last night I dreamed that I bought a cybertruck and immediately regretted it.


"If microchips have never been invented, that's exactly what a digital watch would look today."

"The Clock", free-form electronics digital clock made by Gislain Benoit.


love to factory reset my roku and have to delete the 80 placeholder apps they force on you

Feeling like playing stellaris, which is interesting because most of the time "playing stellaris" for me means watching numbers go up until my neighbors decide to invade.

Oh hey! After 4 years, the ASUS E200H can finally play sound with a default linux installation.

I wonder if I'll ever manage to get around to making my RPG with a control scheme that allows for depth without being inaccessible with abstraction in all the right places to enable connection with these characters.

Probably not because I still can't write a story or dialogue.

I forget how much I love GearheadRPG. It can be unbalanced if you don't make the right character, but between the story generation, fun character dialogue, and robot building system, it's tons of fun.

I think it does something right deciding what to abstract and where to put the detail. Proper abstraction is important when conveying what matters to the player and establishing the pace of the game.

bad idea: find a way to bind the CPU priority of a build process to the value of my TWCS throttle so I can pump more power into compilation by activating my thrusters.

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