Seriously bummed out about Dark Sky being taken away from Android.

Tarantula island-ing in feels more satisfying than beetle island-ing in New Leaf. Maybe it's the challenge of the standoff with my spidery rivals, or perhaps that I don't have to use the weird crate system when going back home.

Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple. of course, they're shutting most of it down.

Loving animal crossing but feeling really guilty about not having played any magic for a couple months!

I just realized the most innovative thing Animal Crossing did with new horizons is introduce a crafting mechanic without making inventory management completely tedious.

Ads on the animal crossing subreddit: Check out these cool nintendo switch faceplates!
Ads on the magic subreddit: Is your spouse cheating on you?

Gosh, the music for new horizons is soooo good. The 5pm is my favorite, which is important since I'll be hearing it a lot!

It's pretty silly how a switch dock is $200, a pair of joycons runs $80 and an AC adapter is about $30 -- so if you need those accessories, just get the whole $300 switch package and basically get an extra console for free. :P

I wonder what policy change occured to allow gas stations to list the price of a gallon of gas including the discount you get for purchasing a car wash. 🤔

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