Smash Ultimate is quite fun!

I think missing out on Smash U entirely was a good thing since it meant that I had a long time to lose my affinity for the GameCube controller and jump right into playing with the Switch pro controller (which I find quite comfy). looks cool. I'm going to open an issue to opt-in to its crawling so I can see my house from the graph!

Since Microsoft is cozying up to the OSS community, what with their acquisition of Github a while back, they should open source Minecraft Java Edition like Mojang said they would do years ago

This hits another thing I think about a lot regarding card games in media: Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, et al depict high-end, professional players winning tournaments and saving the world and stuff. I'm falling in absolute love with this little comic about people playing card games the way most people play them.

Hey I just wanted to share this realy insightful open letter that goes into 's shift in strategy from hardcore professional play to casual engagement and adoption of the game. I think there's a lot of good in here about game design and marketing with the desired playerbase in mind.

It's time again for Endless Jingling, the random carol generator I made a few years back and for which I am unquestionably going to hell.

Tired: There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer
Wired: There are no native apps, it's just a webserver running on your laptop

Today we'll study the "helping your friend move" problem, better known as the prisoner's dilemma

OK, here we go. This is my first pass at a deck and draft sharer.

You can paste a deck in Arena format or a draft history in MTGO log format. You'll get a really long share link, but most social media sites (such as Mastodon) should automatically shorten it to avoid hitting your character limits.

Here's the main page:

Recently considering leveraging the tech behind Itty Bitty to create a database-less way to share decks and drafts.

I really hate linking to card stores, so it'd be fun to be able to embed the whole deck in the anchor tag to render it entirely clientside.

Drafted a fun BW Lifegain deck today! I think I'm starting to see the disadvantage to draft leagues that run more than three rounds, since it often boils down to who got the best deck in the limited meta. That's why I want sealed, since it scales to an arbitrary number of rounds.

Hey MTG Arena could you please have sealed all the time? I'd really rather play that than draft with bots. :/

Anyway - in spite of all the usual weirdness that goes with any exposure to the Star Citizen phenomenon, I think right now it's shaping up to be a neat engine, but my reservations about the project as a whole revolve around:

* Making compelling game mechanics in a "you-can-do-anything" sandbox
* Authoring lots of locales (100+ star systems planned 🤔)

December is supposed to bring us news about the relatively quiet development of single-player campaign of Squadron 42. Here goes nothing?

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