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Barry Peddycord III

We really need a mashup DJ equivalent of Chopped

"DJs, open your box. Inside you will find:

The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on vinyl
The stems for Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
A cheese grater
...and a download code for the third volume of Homestuck music

The timer starts now."

Long post about ideas for ways to play minecrafts Show more

Long post about ideas for ways to play minecrafts Show more

Long post about ideas for ways to play minecrafts Show more

This is cool: in the upcoming minecraft update you can mine coral - but if you do, it dies.

The only way to keep coral's beautiful color is to leave it alone, to build around it and preserve it in its natural environment.

(or play creative mode i guess)

I'm pretty excited for this ocean update. Should be arriving any day now!

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I had a dream the other night that i was playing a JRPG. the screen glitched the hell out on me and the character I was talking to started to only say "FIXME"

Kaitlin Robbs' Vocabulary Wheel

I just tried using it to describe a facial expression and it seems super helpful.

uh oh I want to play minecraft again. luckily that feeling goes away after I try to build a roof.

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Main effect of GDPR so far is getting fucking bombarded by google e-mails

I think watching Hackers asynchronously in 5 second chunks through @hackers_gifs is as true to the original spirit of the movie as you can get.

No matter how many bags of dog food you set up for your delivery subscription, you always run out the day before the delivery occurs. 🐶

Guess what happened while I was sleeping? WE MADE OUR FUNDING GOAL! Thank you all so much!
If you're not in on this yet, remember that you've still got a couple of days to earn some cool rewards by becoming a backer!

Got to do a few drafts in Arena:

All in all, I found the experience comparable to my IRL experience. I've not managed to get more than four wins before wiping out, so I pay about a third of the price for a draft and it lasts about a third as long.

Of course, if you get a deck you're unhappy with, it's over that much sooner, and if you get something amazing, you get to run it for a longer period of time. So I think this is all a net positive in the end.