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Guuuuuh ended up going 1-2-bye at FNM.

I thought I drafted a pretty solid red black pirates deck, but just didn't have any staying power on the board!

Everyone should check out Fork Awesome. Like the name implies it's a fork of Font Awesome:

Recently Font Awesome has been going in a more corporate direction and seem to be adding less icons people actually want and more random ones people didn't really ask for.

Fork Awesome is based off pre-5.0 Font Awesome and adds icons like Diaspora, Mastodon, GNU Social, XMPP and even an icon for ActivityPub itself

Heeeeey Arena's NDA is dropping on March 22! WotC has made some overlays for streamers and is even planning some content creator partnership program thingy.

I finally got a Switch, so I decided to pick up a simple, casual game that I can mindlessly play to kill time when I'm in the mood.

The next set is actually Butterscotch Valley

As much as I'm excited for Battlebond, 2HG draft is such a terrible experience. All of the decision paralysis of regular draft TIMES TWO. 🤔 🤔

I gave Path of Mettle a shot, but it just wasn't performing. Going back to monored, and putting in Tilonali's Crown to get some extra trample to make Hazoret more useful on a clogged board.


Hiii, it's finally done! I wrote a tutorial on how I go about creating emotes and other types of small art, including some things to think about, tips and tricks, and a "cheat sheet" for Discord, Twitch, and Mixer emote sizes and chat colours.

I hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any feedback, I'd love to improve this tutorial if I can!

BONUS: Download link for the layered .PSD and .PNGs you can use however you like. Just no commercial use, please!

#mastoart #creativetoots #tutorial #arttutorial #emotes

These challenger decks look really impressive. I might pick them up for high-level kitchen table precon games.


Why does "Mornin'" sound like a better abbreviation for "Good Morning" than "Morning"?

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the craziest part of browsing the web with noscript on is finding out which parts of a web are actually served off of completely different domains, and how many requests actually do nothing for the content of the webpage at all

A thesis on the usage of "liking" a post to convey "I acknowledge your response and have nothing further to add"

Maybe I'll try Cataclysm again. That was always good fun. :)

You know, I really want to enjoy Dwarf Fortress... it's just so chaotic and overwhelming. There's so much information that I don't know where to direct my attention.

Makes me wonder if you could pull off a huge, living universe that operated via periodic pushes and pulls to/from a central server. When the central server dies, you don't get any more updates to your local copy - the universe just sits, frozen in stasis until the end of time.

The only bad feels I have about Elite Dangerous are that if the developers ever shut down the server, I guess we're just done.

I really hate this trend with games these days. "Buy our game and all these cosmetic updates, and then when we shut it all down you're stuck with NOTHING."