Oh now this looks like fun. Mythic Championship London is testing a new Mulligan system: you get to look at seven cards every time you mulligan, and choose which cards from your hand you want to trim (one card per mulligan).


While I get that people are miffed about reduced coverage for events, I'm actually a fan of focusing the attention on a smaller number of high stakes events.

Further, with the Pro League having guaranteed spots in both Arena and Paper Championships, it means that they aren't pressured to participate in them actively, which makes the final rounds for most of these events like cool "boss battles".

Lots of news to unpack regarding competitive :

* Seven major tournaments in 2018, 3 digital and 4 paper
* In digital tournaments, the top 1000 players in limited and constructed face off in a battle royale to reach the top 16 who get to play against the Pro League
* Players who place in these will earn super-pro-points which are needed to qualify for worlds
* MagicFest Grand Prix is a much more casual affair now, though a Top 8 gets you into a paper Mythic Championship

Today I learned that when you create Thread objects in python, you want to call their "start" function, not their "run" function!

"run" will run the target of the thread.

"start" willl run the target of the thread.... in a new thread.

The KDE community is adding Matrix to its instant messaging communication infrastructure. Join our server, get a cool KDE handle and become part of the KDE conversation.

Matrix provides graphical instant messaging for desktop and mobile (with all its goodies: gifs, emojis, etc.), bridging for IRC channels, point to point encryption, file sharing, and more stuff that will help improve KDE's communications.


Today's pixel landscape doodles. Highly recommended, if you've never tried them. It's a fun change of pace.

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I've recently learned a neat trick for keeping my browser from viewing pages I'm trying to cut from my life.

In ublock, you can set up a cosmetic filter to prevent the page from displaying anything, but without the long timeouts associated with hacking /etc/hosts


You can also do a ublock network filter where ublock will completely halt any network traffic from the domain and give you a big ugly warning page.


Recently booted up Forza Horizon 4 and finding the PVP to be quite enjoyable. I wish less events required S2-ranked vehicles since I prefer the speed of A-ranked, but I tend to do decently well as long as I'm in the unranked queue.

Setting up DMARC on my domain has drastically reduced the amount of spam I get. :)

I mostly played around in 2D land all day, and had a bit of fun messing with the physics engine. I'm getting the hang of the node architecture and scripting language, but the nested resource system still trips me up sometimes.

I kind of want to step myself through the first-person shooter tutorial but I'm worried I'm going to end up getting in over my head.

Today in I learned how the whole node and scene system works. It's a bit weird coming from gamemaker and sprite based game engines, but I think I got the hang of how a game is supposed to fit together.

I'm thinking about biting the bullet and learning how to make modern 3d games without making my own game engine all the time. I should probably try Godot so I don't fall into the Unity walled garden.

Ok, Singleton event on #MTGArena.

Some guy plays a turn two rat colony. I think "Oh no, he isn't..."

Turn three, rat colony again. I think "There's nothing in your deck but rat colony, is there?!"

Turns out there was a way to check, because when I played Ixalan's Binding he immediately conceded.

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