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If you have not seen Chronicles of Stampadia, let me recommend it.

It's a daily roguelike, generated solo pen-and-paper game. The entire game content is obscured and you reveal it as you go. It's shockingly good, and the kind of thing that might make a long flight or long camping trip or night without power very bearable.

that feeling when you spend 30 minutes moving batteries around the smoke detectors only to realize the beeping was the carbon monoxide alarm at your feet all along

Finally got a Jaguar i-Pace off the auction house in Horizon 4. Despite being an EV, it's not as good as the Tesla was in 3 at the top of A class. That being said, I can still eek out wins against the AI, and unlike the Rimac, I can actually control it on the open world!

Excited to try out the Taycan in 5 and hoping it can be my daily driver.

Hit level 6... I have a tendency to be too generous with new parts which is cutting into my profits.

I've always been easily drawn into these kinds of business sims. Managing costs while getting upgrades to automate the low level work is an easy gameplay loop, but naturally has a point at the end where there's nowhere higher to go.

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PC building simulator has no business being this much fun

Me: NFT jpeg that re-saves itself each year gaining more compression artifacts and "aging" over time.

Sad: Learned my PC has no spare places to put an NVMe SSD
Glad: Learned that external USB 3 SSDs are actually a fair bit faster than a SATA HDD so gonna try using one for some games

Forza Horizon 5 is looking amazing. I'm glad I ignored it for months because waiting through october is gonna be agonizing. Catching up on rest of the LEGO expansion in 4 right now.

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US Ice Cream form factors:
* Gallon Tub budget - usually store brand
* Paper Quart standard - ex. Breyer's
* Plastic Quart gelato - ex. Breyer's gelato
* Paper Pint premium - ex. Ben and Jerry's
* Plastic Pint premium gelato - ex. Talenti

Won an auction for some flowers on an animal crossing marketplace.... guy goes through my wishlist and brings me a bunch of others I want for free on top. I don't think I'll survive that wholesome experience.

blurhash makes any image preview involving a human figure super creepy

was mad so spent an hour in gamemaker messing around with isometric tiles

Interesting.... I wonder if this means i stead of having a power distribution and auxiliary power module, we'll be putting the functionality of all those modules into the drive unit? That might make things more modular for multi-motor configurations...

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