Am I supposed to remove OEmbed and OpenGraph previews to comply with #Article11, because news sites can't just not put the OpenGraph tags on their pages, the main purpose of which is to generate previews?

Feeling nostalgic and took a picture of my wife's first Christmas present: clay figurines of my Ishara Comix characters.

@ishara spectrum is the worst about this, their bills look like ads and their ads look like bills

my internet failed to install so they canceled my service and confiscated my modem 🙃

I didn't think I could find a junk letter that's more scummy and deceptive than the car warranty letters that look like they're from your bank... but I found one.

An improperly secured server exposed thousands of faxed medical records Faxes, even at their best, are outdated & unreliable. ProtonMail is easy to use, #HIPAA compliant, and can protect medical records with end-to-end encryption

you know you've been gameing too much when you see a car and say "nice screen space reflections" out loud

So despite all of my fears and hand-wringing, I managed to set up two VMs with duplicate mac addresses and DHCP gave them the correct IP addresses without the world coming to an end.

I think security is important, so when I change my password I make sure to tear the post-it off the pad before I write the password on it

I've seen those spy movies where they use the indentations on the pad to recreate what someone wrote, they won't get MY password that way

Woooo finished the second stage of the space elevator and unlocked tiers 5 and 6.

Pattle is a new IM-like client for Matrix

A new Matrix client that visually resembles popular messaging apps like Signal / Telegram / Conversations

lol someone linked a news story, but because my instance is based in the EU, the preview card says it's not available in my region even though my browser fetches it fine

Finally got a @write_as subscription so I could try out going to post my screenshots here now to avoid flooding everyone's timelines. :)

Going to be a very busy month for development! Several major features planned for release, including standalone @snap_as accounts 📷

When I was offered the fans, I didn't expect them to be so bulky. I was planning to mount them inside my case but these aren't gonna fit and I doubt the power supply could even support them.

But if this has any noticeable effect on air flow, I might be able to put off learning how to mod my PC just a little bit longer. :)

Today in random projects, I mounted a hand-me-down crypto GPU fan to a hand-me-down laptop stand. I can't believe I was able to get the screws to line up.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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