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The analogous concept would be something like a floating prefix, I suppose. And then for your static services, pick a static IP in your prefix. If the provider is doing things right, they should have full control over which client is getting which /64, and you should be able to specify that in your dashboard.

Too bad no one does that yet. I guess my project will be one of the first to do it right, lol.

Apparently "floating IPv6" is not a thing, at least not in Openstack.

It's kind of a shame, since the coolest feature of disposable VMs is that you should be able to transfer workload without having to update the DNS whenever you do it. πŸ€”

I hope I'm reading this wrong, because apparently Digital Ocean issues droplets /124 subnets for IPv6, and they need to be statically assigned in order to use them.

What is it with VPS providers and their aversion to letting SLAAC do its thing?

Get Gary Larson to illustrate the 6th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

I wonder when we'll get the Tumblr Dashboard experience powered by ActivityPub? :D

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I had a dream that I skipped draft at my game store in order to be a passenger in a really sketchy ride where we did extreme air stunts in a passenger plane.

Everyone was like "draft starts in 15 minutes" and I'm just "this is more important."


Oh wow I've been on my for nearly a year now! Happy , and here's to another one with @mastohost

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tbt when Nvidia researchers trained a neural network to generate images of cats and from the internet-sourced input data it learned that Impact 24pt White is a defining characteristic of cats (p. 21, bottom)

"I'm a human.
I'm not a robot.
Remember me."

(login screen poetry)

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Getting to design an IPv6-first web application really makes me hate the state of IPv4 on the internet at large.

I ought to get a little browser plugin that lets you know when a site is using IPv6 or 4. I can usually only tell when I go into the network inspector.

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