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Barry Peddycord III

FLAVOR FLASHBACK: "If there's anything a warrior hates, it's a longbow—especially Fblthp's Longbow, the symbol of his facial tissue."

Honestly I feel GT Sport has the most thorough, complete, and useful tutorial I've ever played through in a video game.

Long Post: Just started playing Gran Turismo Sport Show more

When you see "Ye Olde...", for example, that was never meant to be read with a Y sound; the Y is a placeholder for the extinct thorn, and should be read "th".

Another 3-0 FNM draft! Had to compete with someone else in the pod for Vampires, but managed to win hard by giving Adanto Vanguard the Mark of the Vampire.

I need a haircut but I actively hate getting my hair cut.

You want to get rid of murderhobos?

Give your PCs enduring connections to the community -- family, friends, professional acquaintances, organizations, and so on -- and then don't destroy them for cheap drama.


I'm super excited about the RIX prerelease this weekend. I missed XLN's prerelease and everyone apparently says that XLN plays a lot better in sealed than in draft.

Blarg everything has been updated again! :D

I trained a neural network on a list of deleted Wikipedia titles. Not sure who is weirder this time, neural net or humans.

GNU Project guidelines recommend interactive applications have an about box that displays the GPLv3, but I found that a bit boring

[fr] Bonne année Mastodon🍾 !

[en] Happy New Year Mastodon 🍾 !

Haven’t posted this in a long time. How do you start using Mastodon? Is there a good link to send your mastocurious friends? This is mine:
I was reminded of this as people follow me without a picture, without a bio in their profile, and worse: without a single post on their timeline. How will I know whether I should follow them back? I’d love to follow you back. But I’d also love to block bots, spammers, spies and trackers.

Other thoughts for this setting I call "shielding":

* Shield all toots from this person
* Shield all toots on this instance
* Shield all toots from users on remote instances I don't follow

Random thought: on some websites I've been to, muting a person doesn't make their posts invisible, it just makes them where you always have to click them to read them.

I wonder how a "half-mute" feature would be received, where a user can say "put all posts from this user behind a client-side CW". This would help for following people who regularly post things that wouldn't be CW-worthy by the norms of their instance.