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Are you ready to draft Ridiculous Card Cube?

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so is world emoji day like E3 for emoji?

brb writing an RPG framework where you just type your class into and get to do whatever appears there.

Just learned that pathfinder has a new edition in the works! It looks pretty interesting from their teaser blogs.

I wish I could fetch replies to a toot from my Masto interface without having to go to the original. If an account is not being federated to my server, I miss a lot of conversation context.

i wonder if i could create an assembly language where all the opcodes are emoji

When I see "Magic : l’Assemblée" in my feed, I imagine an awesome alternative version of Magic: the Gathering where instead of fighting, creatures are being summoned to a debate according to Robert's Rules of Order or some nonsense. Language is fun. 🤣

So what are the required ingredients for emergent play? I would suggest uncertainty plus agency.

D&D and Dwarf Fortress both share a high degree of randomness, but whatever chaos ensues is often due to the recurring cycle how players react and adapt to the consequences of their previous decisions.

When you think about "emergent play" in any kind of gaming, whether it's the weird procedural nonsense that comes from dwarf fortress or the tales spun at pathfinder night, I feel like the thing that gives them their lasting power is the way they become hyperbolic through retelling.

I feel like as I've gotten older, I'm less interested in using tabletop roleplaying as a form of escapism, and more as a way to collect inside jokes to tell outsiders at the bar.

Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!) This means they're...

💼Portable - you don't need a server to host them
👁Private - nothing is sent to–or stored on–this server
🎁Easy to share as a link or QR code

I've been pondering "the definition of games" again and I remembered a fairly recent taxonomy by Mark Rosewater that I found resonated with my own impressions and observations on the craft.

So I was doing some thinking and realized that Eve online is basically a digital miniatures game.

i wish there were more games to play with just 1-2 friends, not 3 friends and a hundred online strangers

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