Tried out Star Citizen again today. The plan was to visit their new city on their new planet, so today I learned how to operate the star map, FTL travel system, and landing.

Well, I say I learned how to land, but I think I fiddled around too long and my clearance expired causing me to clip through the ground and die. D:

Using the comms is a pain since the local chat appears overtop of the transparent window and I can't figure out how to hide it.

Hurston is really nice, but busy enough to bring my system to a crawl. The starting station, by contrast, is empty enough where I can easily move around without much lag. I don't think I'll be able to make it to the hangars again to leave. D:

The design very nicely conveys scale. Supposedly the area is as big as Austin, TX in size, but it's gated using a labyrinth that keeps you from venturing into "background" area.


Anyway - in spite of all the usual weirdness that goes with any exposure to the Star Citizen phenomenon, I think right now it's shaping up to be a neat engine, but my reservations about the project as a whole revolve around:

* Making compelling game mechanics in a "you-can-do-anything" sandbox
* Authoring lots of locales (100+ star systems planned 🤔)

December is supposed to bring us news about the relatively quiet development of single-player campaign of Squadron 42. Here goes nothing?

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