Hey I just wanted to share this realy insightful open letter that goes into 's shift in strategy from hardcore professional play to casual engagement and adoption of the game. I think there's a lot of good in here about game design and marketing with the desired playerbase in mind.


This hits another thing I think about a lot regarding card games in media: Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, et al depict high-end, professional players winning tournaments and saving the world and stuff. I'm falling in absolute love with this little comic about people playing card games the way most people play them.


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@Tuxhedoh haha, no I haven't but that's cute and ridiculous! :D

@ishara So a while back I pointed out Hearthstone to my wife... she started playing it (not hardcore or anything). Then when KF was released I convinced her to play and she was like, Oh, this is like Hearthstone.... and then last weekend she decided she was willing to learn to play MTG with our 12yo. (who did an awful job explaining simple turn mechanics). Then on Tuesday night I was in bed with a migraine, and I heard them playing MTG again.

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