Here's the deck I'm planning to bring to Standard night. Anyone got suggestions? I think it could stand to be more consistent (more 3 and 4-ofs, fewer 2s).

@DialMforMara Are there a lot of enchantments/artifacts in the meta right now? If not, Broken Bound and Sprouting Renewal look really narrow for main deck.

I feel like something like Song of Freyalise might be pretty awesome in your deck, letting you swing out with your tokens with no fear of crackback. I like it a bit better than Flower/Flourish too.

@ishara I don't know much about the meta, but you're probably right that Ixalan's Binding/Conclave Tribunal/Hieromancer's Cage can handle artifact and enchantment removal.

I'll put either the Charges or the Adventurous Impulses in, but I'm not sure which I'll need more right now.

And I might have a Song of Freyalise, but if I do it's buried in a Commander deck :P


@DialMforMara I'm having a hard time evaluating join shields here. My gut feeling is that using it to push through damage seems inefficient, but might be useful on defense if you can surprise destroy a few of the opponent's attacking creatures.

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