I didn't think I could find a junk letter that's more scummy and deceptive than the car warranty letters that look like they're from your bank... but I found one.

@ishara ugh, I am so tired of their "Important Information Enclosed" letters that are just advertisements. I'm expecting vital billing data or something when I see such text. Well, I don't anymore if it's from them.

@ishara spectrum is the worst about this, their bills look like ads and their ads look like bills

@amsomniac @ishara

As long as their reminders don't look like official letters from the marshal's office...

@Leradvor @amsomniac Ah yes the snail mail version of the "there's a warrant for your arrest" phishing scam.

@ishara @Leradvor

I Have Installed a Virus on Your Computer and have been Watching you Wank

j/k this is Spectrum, did you know we have a streaming service now???

@amsomniac @ishara

I wonder how many people would reply something amongst the lines of "A porn streaming service?"

@ishara that's some incredible sleaze, but also a hilarious dunk on google, so i'm kinda torn

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