Pretty excited to try out Elite Dangerous in VR.

I prefer VR in seated games since I really hate the "disembodied hand" UX. It's one reason I don't really like No Man's Sky's VR.

@ishara I only use my VR for combat - the rest of the time I'm wanting to chat in-game with others, and my kdb skills aren't up to typing blind.

Voice Attack is recommended by many VR commanders. I find that a big HOTAS is enough for me.

@ishara There's also a little virtual motion sickness due to the lack of feedback, especially in rotating frames of reference. For the first few weeks I just closed my eyes when pulling a tight turn :-) I got used to it after a while.

@ishara The lack of external distractions however caused me to discover Radio Sidewinder to keep me company on long journeys ... and once I joined that crew I've never looked back 🙂

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