@ishara it’s not Masto.host is the media files that go through CloudFlare CDN. Any admin can request to receive their instances files directly from the Object Storage and avoid that issue between PrivacyBadger and CloudFlare, but that will disable the CDN functionality and can slow down access for users accessing from locations far from France.

If there is any doubt about this or if something else is happening, please let me know.

@mastohost I was just a little surprised that, out of nowhere, images got broken on my PC but worked fine on mobile. No action required for me -- I thought I'd CC you just in case you weren't aware. :)

@ishara I understand. I already did but thanks for letting me know :)

@ishara @mastohost

Unfortunately this tends to happen due to how privacy badger works, iirc as soon as it sees 3 sites linking to a domain it classes it as a tracker and blocks it..

This is causing issues with matrix as well, since you might connect to your homeserver via multiple different riot instances.

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