Seeing the arena pre-announcement about it coming to mobile has me excited... but wondering...

How big of a screen would a game like Magic need? I might be tempted to get a tablet for it and hoping that something like the 8 inch galaxy tablet might be in the sweet spot.

@ishara Depends on how limited a card pool they have, I think, and how much they built from the beginning to be mobile-friendly. The Duels of the Planeswalkers games were available for Android, which could have online play (I think even one had 2hg), and represented the Standard of their times.

I don't think something made for a phone could ever handle 4p Commander or variants though.

@mycroft Sometimes even huge kitchen tables aren't sufficient to handle 4-player board states. :)

The assumption is that it's the full arena experience. If it ends up being a sub-game, I've got no interest. We'll learn more in about a week at hasbro toy fair.

@ishara where you say this statement? I am really looking forward to play MTGA on iPad...

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