Remember when mobile sites weren't hostile user experiences designed to harass you into downloading an app??

@ishara remember when websites could be read without closing several pop-ups

@ishara Remember when apps were actually apps and not just single-site web browsers with extra tracking?

@ishara I remember when there was, like, text, and embedded media, and it was all universal how it was provided, and it was up to the browser to interpret it and place things inline so it could be viewed on any web capable device.

Sometimes I miss the early 90s.

@ishara and the app is just a browser showing their hostile interface but without any privacy plugins

@ishara condinast trained me out of going to reddit doing that - which is probably just as well anyhow.

I don't know actually. I know they used to and I know things really went downhill after they bought it from the founders.
And I know the rare time reddit has been linked here or in hackernews it fills my fonescreen with some nasty popup and I leave.

Remember when normal websites had information density and a static design to read uninterrupted, not trying to be "mobile friendly" and pop windows and hidden menus and "smart" gadgedt everywhere

@crazy_pony @ishara Remember when the CW for web development is that you couldn't assume the screen geometry or color depth at all?

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