Lately I've been diving deep into Pathfinder 2nd Edition. I had meant to play it last year but things got out of control even without considering Covid. I'm thinking about getting into organized play since that doesn't require a stable group or regular schedule commitment.

@ishara is that the same as content found at ? Or is it a different version?

@solaslux Your link is the 1st edition. You can find 2nd edition rules here:

@ishara wow! I honestly didn't know this existed! Thanks for the link. It is kind of a DnD 5e versionification more or less?

@solaslux I'm not familiar enough with 5e to give an accurate answer, but from what i hear, it makes the rules more internally consistent but no less complex.

They say pathfinder is still the "crunchy" alternative to D&D.

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