space sim/rpg pondering 

Recent thought that entered my brain about Traveller RPG (and by extension, other space games):

Part of the allure of space games for me has always been the solitude of space combined with routine tasks such as cargo hauling. Every once in a while a spooky pirate shows up to try and take your stuff, but it's usually a peaceful existence as you click destinations to bounce to within a procedurally generated universe.

space sim/rpg pondering 

However that doesn't work well in a TTRPG that needs drama and action to justify folks taking four hours out of their day to put themselves into an imaginary world at the table. It's interesting to see the kinds of plotlines that show up in games of traveler... very unique and full of intrigue that you can't fit into an Elite-style of game.

As I think about it, this is probably why Elite was sold with a novella... to add in the intrigue not supported in the mechanics.

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