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You know, I really want to enjoy Dwarf Fortress... it's just so chaotic and overwhelming. There's so much information that I don't know where to direct my attention.

@ishara Suggestions: Lower frame rate. Use Dwarf Therapist. Use a tileset to reduce visual noise. Edit the settings to turn on all the pause on X features.

@Canageek I'm more interested in the adventure mode. In theory I love the super-detailed world, but it just isn't immersive when I put it to practice.

@ishara Never tried it, Sorry. Can't help. Best of luck though!

@ishara have you tried using it with the dwarf therapist add-on, if it still exists? really nice utility that makes things a lot more comprehensible.

@c25l I have not, but I left out that I was mostly interested in adventure mode - I think the mod is designed for fortress mode.

@ishara that is all true. I have no idea how to make adventure mode more manageable.

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