I didn't think I could find a junk letter that's more scummy and deceptive than the car warranty letters that look like they're from your bank... but I found one.

Woooo finished the second stage of the space elevator and unlocked tiers 5 and 6.

Today in random projects, I mounted a hand-me-down crypto GPU fan to a hand-me-down laptop stand. I can't believe I was able to get the screws to line up.

Oh yeah the engineer you play as in Satisfactory ranks up there as one of the coolest character designs I've seen, especially for an alien planet survival game.


I've recently learned a neat trick for keeping my browser from viewing pages I'm trying to cut from my life.

In ublock, you can set up a cosmetic filter to prevent the page from displaying anything, but without the long timeouts associated with hacking /etc/hosts


You can also do a ublock network filter where ublock will completely halt any network traffic from the domain and give you a big ugly warning page.


I like how I've been playing Elite for nearly a year and I still haven't made it out of Asellus Primus.

My coworker got a Rocketbook and the scanned images really turn out great.

Seriously though, Wargroove is really great. I'm really looking forward to going through custom campaigns once people have had time to put it them out there. Just... slowly, because even simple missions take a lot out of me.

OK, I know I'm behind everyone and it's not that impressive, but darn it I'm proud of myself.

Hmm... thinking about getting Wargroove on Switch instead of PC. Seems like overkill to have to get the computer out to play a tactics game.

I got a new hat a while back but recently realized it makes a perfect canvas for my Guild Kit buttons!

(redrafted to add image desc)

Went 4-1-0 at prerelease with Orzhov. Came in second place overall.

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