I'm just a bit bummed out that we won't be getting the ID.3 in the US. It's a reasonably nice looking car (for a hatchback).

I'm blown away by the form factor of individual units of lithium ion batteries used in cars. They are so thin! Each of the housings on the table contain four of the "pouches" he's holding in his hand.

MTG Theros spoiler season starting! Spoilers! 

My whole childhood, I was always terrified that a computer error would show some scary image at me when I got an error. Turns out that I wasn't wrong!

Oops, somebody tried to hide their product launch behind javascript! Looks pretty nice, but the question is, will Ford run commercials for it?

MTG, Theros, possibly a leak 

this should make these flash drives orders of magnitude more useful

Running this list through the Standard 2020 XP grind. Did pretty well the first day I brought it out, but it's weak on the control side, relying on early damage and finishing with non-combat damage from the [[spawn of mayhem]].

Feels good to finally have a black deck to play with!


Nice thing about being in bronze is I can run a hot mess like this and still win six games and feel clever!

Last week of Planecation is Sunday! Rewards are John Avon's Plains as well as some of the lands from Rise of the Eldrazi's panoramas.

i am excessively impressed by how useful this trunk-organizer is. I used to use cardboard boxes to keep groceries and stuff organized but having something collapsible is great so I can free up space without filling my back seat with cardboard.

oh no masto got me to play go against a computer! won on my second try though, not bad (game log under cw) 

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