I love new automotive technology. This is the first time I've seen Michelin's airless tires, and I'm excited to one day put them on my own car. Even if "Uptis" is a ridiculous name. michelinmedia.com/michelin-upt

Traveller RPG 

Elaborating more on "if you're human", lionfolk and wolffolk are among the game's core playable species...

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Every panel in a Nancy comic is a javelin through my heart.

Since I've got my magic cards out today, thought I'd share my custom approach to tokens.

#mtgafr spoilers 

Make of this whatever you wish, for you will be mine in the end no matter what!


After a year of uncontrolled growth, my flowers are looking indistinguishable from weeds!

Oh my gosh I found the printouts for the old monster-battling game I wrote for the TI-83+.

It had a doofy code-generating system you could use to import you monster into other people's games to fight each other.

It was such a pretty night, I decided to do another leg. These short flights do give me a lot opportunities to practice my landing.


I was a very naughty pilot today, landing right in front of an airliner after disregarding ATC's instructions to go around. I even got scolded for it!


This sounds more like a FF14 expansion than a mainline game. :P

Tonight's flight from Richmond to Washington-Dulles went very well! I was very intentional about controlling my rate of climb and descent and was pretty happy to see the plane behaving like all the tutorials say it should.

Trying out the glass cockpit this time around and liking it.


This is cool: I found out how to mirror the display of my glass cockpit to their own windows, so now I've got my G1000 set up where it's really easy to read.

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