Nice thing about being in bronze is I can run a hot mess like this and still win six games and feel clever!

Last week of Planecation is Sunday! Rewards are John Avon's Plains as well as some of the lands from Rise of the Eldrazi's panoramas.

i am excessively impressed by how useful this trunk-organizer is. I used to use cardboard boxes to keep groceries and stuff organized but having something collapsible is great so I can free up space without filling my back seat with cardboard.

oh no masto got me to play go against a computer! won on my second try though, not bad (game log under cw) 

Land rewards for tomorrow's planecation event are Rebecca Guay's Basic Land cycle

MTG Archery Panel Livethread 

Is it just me or does the mastery dashboard look like an advent calendar?

I thought this was two separate pockets but nope just tested it out and its one.

Picked up a new bag to reduce the clutter I find myself bringing to FNM. Fits the twin flip'n'tray perfectly.

after a bunch of agonizing I finally found a way to display my guild pins

Got inspired to play some Cities: Skylines. Being a lot more cautious with expansion and generally staying in the green budget-wise.

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