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Barry Peddycord III

Anyway, for some GOOD NEWS, look what I found on the Arena forums! Challenging specific players is on its way... Fediverse league anyone? ^_^

I love draft leagues for the convenience factor, but ending up in two Sandwurm Convergence[1] deadlocks in a row is definitely not an authentic draft experience.


Recently I was thinking about tabletop RPGs and how they apply to video game UX.

One quality of games that are not particularly fun is how they don't effectively present which information the player needs to care about. Consider how simple talking to an NPC is in a game like Final Fantasy, and compare with Dwarf Fortress.

Just when I thought couldn't get more colorful.

Wow, my little self-hosted streaming experiment went much better than I expected. No dropped frames, decent audio sync, surprisingly low CPU usage. That peak was just me starting all the daemons.

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After a week or so of play, I think I can really say I'm enjoying . So many open world games that give you planes and boats don't really feel like they were made to be big enough to support them, and it's so fun to be able to play a game where I can fly a plane without it being combat oriented.

Me, years ago: I don't like using browser plugins to edit the pages I'm seeing

Me earlier this week:

Updated the hero image!

Absolutely loving . The boats and planes add such a new dimension to the game compared to other open world driving games. It's such a refreshing and fun experience, even if it feels a bit aimless at times.

The worst part is that since it's in beta and progress is going to be wiped, there's not much point in trying to complete activities or collect cars.

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I took a picture of every side of an spindown so you don't have to.

One side effect of playing is being able to immediately notice a lotus at a glance. This is from a local Chinese restaurant.

This is why I love Elite... pictured below, my 123-jump adventure so far. Zoomed in... and zoomed out.