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Wooooo! Pulled off a third place finish tonight in draft. I was one of three at the table solidly in Dimir, but I think I did all right! Plenty of shenanigans with Passwall Adept [1] and nice combos with House Guildmage [2] and Darkblade Agent [3].


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Played 4-player brawl today with a loaned deck and won. It was a fun artifact heavy Jhoira deck where I mostly swung Skysovereign[1] equipped with Black Blade Reforged at people[2].

I guess teaming up with people is part of the game, but I just feel like the wins that come from that is hollow and arbitrary.


It feels good to contribute code to the programs you use! This is my PR for Draft Tracking for MTGATracker.

Anyway, for some GOOD NEWS, look what I found on the Arena forums! Challenging specific players is on its way... Fediverse league anyone? ^_^

I love draft leagues for the convenience factor, but ending up in two Sandwurm Convergence[1] deadlocks in a row is definitely not an authentic draft experience.


Recently I was thinking about tabletop RPGs and how they apply to video game UX.

One quality of games that are not particularly fun is how they don't effectively present which information the player needs to care about. Consider how simple talking to an NPC is in a game like Final Fantasy, and compare with Dwarf Fortress.

Wow, my little self-hosted streaming experiment went much better than I expected. No dropped frames, decent audio sync, surprisingly low CPU usage. That peak was just me starting all the daemons.

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I'm really interested in game design, especially as a proxy for thinking about education. Right now I'm particularly into Magic the Gathering.

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