Went 4-1-0 at prerelease with Orzhov. Came in second place overall.

So I decided to spend tonight studying the Arena log format in order to finally get sideboard support into MTGA Tracker. I managed to keep my commit messages fairly tame:

As I look forward to Animal Crossing on Switch this year, I look back on New Lea

Oh boy I finally got to drive my buggy on the moon in Star Citizen! I also figured out how to fix "lookahead" mode, which has made flying a lot less disorienting.

Drafted a fun BW Lifegain deck today! I think I'm starting to see the disadvantage to draft leagues that run more than three rounds, since it often boils down to who got the best deck in the limited meta. That's why I want sealed, since it scales to an arbitrary number of rounds.


FFG: "We're gonna stop decks with problematic names from being used in tournament play."
Me: "Ah yes that's good."
FFG: "This deck has a problematic name."
Me: "Wait no"

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Wooooo! Pulled off a third place finish tonight in draft. I was one of three at the table solidly in Dimir, but I think I did all right! Plenty of shenanigans with Passwall Adept [1] and nice combos with House Guildmage [2] and Darkblade Agent [3].

1: scryfall.com/card/grn/50/passw
2: scryfall.com/card/grn/177/hous
3: scryfall.com/card/grn/164/dark

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