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OK getting this frame for my prints. This is so much nicer than the cheap target frames, and it costs about as much.

I think Kakapoko's target market is "TCG players who want to cosplay as Seto Kaiba from Episode 1 every day".

Never got around to posting my RIX prerelease deck and pool. First time doing an Izzet deck, so even though I lost a lot, I think I learned how to play it properly? Moreso than before?

Another 3-0 FNM draft! Had to compete with someone else in the pod for Vampires, but managed to win hard by giving Adanto Vanguard the Mark of the Vampire.

Went undefeated in XLN draft tonight! Basically took everything from the LRCast's sunset show and put them to the test with a vicious white/black vampire deck.

These are the things that make it hard for me to take Yu-Gi-Oh seriously...

Today I learned about "Future Card Buddyfight".

... what am I watching?

Me a few years ago: Don't send me email - I prefer getting notifications from social media sites.

Me now: 😱

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Following that gift-giving guide, I decided to snag one of those camera bags with the customizable interior for myself and LOVE IT.