Is it just me or does the mastery dashboard look like an advent calendar?

I thought this was two separate pockets but nope just tested it out and its one.

Picked up a new bag to reduce the clutter I find myself bringing to FNM. Fits the twin flip'n'tray perfectly.

after a bunch of agonizing I finally found a way to display my guild pins

Got inspired to play some Cities: Skylines. Being a lot more cautious with expansion and generally staying in the green budget-wise.

I'm annoyed that as I've gotten older, I just can't convince myself to enjoy the grind to 100% complete games.


Still in a space mood, so got another commission of Scarlet - this time from @pocketghosts yeeeaaaah

Found my first A-class star today, and also flew into a system with three stars near the landing point.

I love how the stars greatly affect the lighting of your ship and the planets around them.

Earlier this morning, I decided to try to play with the galaxy database.

When you plot a gray pixel for every system that has been discovered, you get something that looks like the milky way covered in cobwebs.

The little yellow string at the bottom is my adventure so far.

Oooo I need to give @elliemars a shoutout for this stellar rendition of my CMDR Scarlet Downing. Absolutely top notch.

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