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I really don't like the Mustang's exterior, but the Mach E has such a satisfyingly minimal heads-up display. 🚗🔋

personal gamedev rant 

Today I started doing some game mechanics prototyping. It's really hard to get into the entity-component paradigm after a decade of stubbornly clinging to a top-down, almost C-like development style.

So I'm intentionally steering away from my old habits: no more controller objects maintaining deep arrays of everything in the world. I prototyped a TRPG movement engine where all the potential movement tiles are their own entities.

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Well now, I finally learned how to use the GPS and completed a two hour flight from greensboro to atlanta. I probably shouldn't have parked my skyhawk here, though.

In the next Star Citizen update, they're doing something I think belongs in every game, especially complicated games like SC.

They are introducing a system where every single action that can be taken can be performed through an in-game context menu. Oftentimes players miss out on possibilities due to the depth of keybindings. By showing the player what is possible, it makes games like these orders of magnitude more accessible.

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