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I honestly can't decide if I prefer the analog 172 or the one with the G1000 glass cockpit.

Made it to Richmond today. I had to use the autopilot since I couldn't see or keep myself level through the clouds. I need to be more diligent with my post-takeoff checklist since I spent about half the flight with 10% flaps extended.


Starting a cross-country trip from Raleigh to New York, probably doing 30-minute legs at a time. Here we are on leg one, getting close to the Virginia border.


Finally taking some screenshots! Flew over Shanghai to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower and check off some achievements.

My little chihuahua figured out the treat puzzle in about four minutes!

I really don't like the Mustang's exterior, but the Mach E has such a satisfyingly minimal heads-up display. 🚗🔋

personal gamedev rant 

Today I started doing some game mechanics prototyping. It's really hard to get into the entity-component paradigm after a decade of stubbornly clinging to a top-down, almost C-like development style.

So I'm intentionally steering away from my old habits: no more controller objects maintaining deep arrays of everything in the world. I prototyped a TRPG movement engine where all the potential movement tiles are their own entities.

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