MTG Innistrad Spoiler 

Full art graphic novel lands are sick but really burned out on double faced cards after last year.

Me: Limited is the best way to play magic because each set introduces a new set of mechanics you get to play with!
Also me: *has literally played nothing but mono blue tempo in the unranked queue for the last two years*

#mtgafr spoilers 

Make of this whatever you wish, for you will be mine in the end no matter what!

Oops went to go play some sealed and ended up running mono red burn in historic again to finish dailies!

Finally gave Arena's mobile version a try. It's not bad! The UI was much more comfortable than I thought it would be, even on a phone.

I love it when a new set comes out and it doesn't break my bots.

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've recently been working on two new projects:

* I've created a super simple RSS feed for keeping up with MTG spoilers:
* I've also created an RSS feed for the MTG Esports news blog, since for some bizarre reason they don't give us one natively:

These RSS feeds are generated by a cron job running on a raspberry pi and posted to a Github Pages site for free hosting. Quite easy and clever!

I have to say that jumpstart isn't really my thing and I was really hoping I'd enjoy it more. That being said, I am looking forward to crafting up my old Hazored deck when AKH remastered is released.

Speaking of , I decided to try out the gamegenic stronghold after seeing the prof's review and it is a spectacular deckbox. Only a sliver (heh) larger than a twin flip'n'tray but much better protection for the removable trays.

Wow, was not expecting those spoilers when I woke up.

Seeing the arena pre-announcement about it coming to mobile has me excited... but wondering...

How big of a screen would a game like Magic need? I might be tempted to get a tablet for it and hoping that something like the 8 inch galaxy tablet might be in the sweet spot.

MTG, Theros, possibly a leak 

These can't be really be land designs for the next set, right? These are gorgeous.

Happy spoiler season! I just pushed an update to @mtgspoilers that will include a link back to the original source that previewed the card.

Last week of Planecation is Sunday! Rewards are John Avon's Plains as well as some of the lands from Rise of the Eldrazi's panoramas.

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