Seeing the arena pre-announcement about it coming to mobile has me excited... but wondering...

How big of a screen would a game like Magic need? I might be tempted to get a tablet for it and hoping that something like the 8 inch galaxy tablet might be in the sweet spot.

MTG, Theros, possibly a leak 

Happy spoiler season! I just pushed an update to @mtgspoilers that will include a link back to the original source that previewed the card.

Last week of Planecation is Sunday! Rewards are John Avon's Plains as well as some of the lands from Rise of the Eldrazi's panoramas.

I probably could have made it through the Arena planecation easier today if I had made a real deck rather than replacing [[light up the stage]] with [[the flame of keld]] in a standard mono-red list.

Still got my 15 wins for the week though.

Currently working on an spoiler bot for the fediverse. Trying to come up with ways that respect scryfall's API and I think I've got something working. Will need to wait for some more spoilers to populate the queue before we know.


Land rewards for tomorrow's planecation event are Rebecca Guay's Basic Land cycle

Magic Arena Patch Notes 

MTG Archery Panel Livethread 

Oh boy, last weekend of July has a lot happening in Arena:

* Precon Battlebox-style event
* Basic Land rewards

Very exciting stuff!

Really spectacular article by Mark Rosewater regarding rules, constraints, and the roles they play in games and fiction.

Really liking the change to the XP track they implemented today. Definitely lets some of the pressure off. Maybe they should turn vault percentage into XP and also add some wildcards to the mastery rewards!

I have to say, after playing with it I really like the London mulligan! I was worried it would make mulligans take longer, but it didn't feel that way in the heat of the game.

Oh and apparently people are going on about an "XP Cap", but basically your first three wins of the day give XP and the rest do the regular gold and ICR track. There is no cap to XP from your quests.

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The mastery system is... OK. If you don't buy the battle pass ($17), then your rewards are roughly the same as they were before. The battle pass adds a bunch of styles, packs, and ICRs which I suppose is a reasonable value, especially when you say that $1=1 pack.

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