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oh now this looks nice. i hate getting trampled when i go up to the wall to read my pairings, so if wotc can actually pull something like this off I'll be right impressed.

Lots of news to unpack regarding competitive :

* Seven major tournaments in 2018, 3 digital and 4 paper
* In digital tournaments, the top 1000 players in limited and constructed face off in a battle royale to reach the top 16 who get to play against the Pro League
* Players who place in these will earn super-pro-points which are needed to qualify for worlds
* MagicFest Grand Prix is a much more casual affair now, though a Top 8 gets you into a paper Mythic Championship

This is a neat post:

It reminds me of the work I did in grad school, using student gameplay in educational games to create automated assistance for other students who were struggling.

Draft sims are nice, but you don't really have an objective way to judge a given draft's quality so you get judged based on what the average person does. However in Arena, you can correlate draft picks and contexts with performance, and use that to train your bots.That sounds like fun

Sorting through my bulk in 2019 means that the various cards I have with Mastodon in the name stick out like sore thumbs.

OK, I know I'm behind everyone and it's not that impressive, but darn it I'm proud of myself.

I got a new hat a while back but recently realized it makes a perfect canvas for my Guild Kit buttons!

(redrafted to add image desc)

Hmmm... the Unstable brawl deck didn't seem to compete very well against a Dominaria brawl deck.

Well I guess my web app is a thing now that it has a domain and everything.

So I decided to spend tonight studying the Arena log format in order to finally get sideboard support into MTGA Tracker. I managed to keep my commit messages fairly tame:

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I'm quite irritated by Arena's deck importer not being smart enough to find cards from different sets you already have. In other news, I have eight [[lightning strike]]s now. @askurza

Looks like the code in prerelease packs is going to be for a draft instead of sealed this time, which is disappointing.

One weird side effect of Magic Arena making easier to play is that I've been oddly playing it a lot less.

It used to be that Draft was a thing where I had one chance to do it or miss it for that week, so it upped the pressure to play and do well.

Now that I can draft any time, much, cheaper, it becomes so easy to put it off because I'm taking it for granted.

oh and the event draft on Arena right now is utter nonsense. all cards cast from hand are free, so you just get all the big silly spells and go to town (or recur [[divination]] four times, whatever) @askurza

Hey I just wanted to share this realy insightful open letter that goes into 's shift in strategy from hardcore professional play to casual engagement and adoption of the game. I think there's a lot of good in here about game design and marketing with the desired playerbase in mind.

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