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Magic Arena Patch Notes 

* Lots of guild cosmetics removed from store. Looks like you can miss them forever if you don't get them.
* You can now collect special basic lands - 2000 gems for the BFZ full arts (they look a bit goofy though)
* Animated basic land card styles for some M20 and WAR lands (2500 gems for a set of five)
* Guild deck precon event starts sunday: rewards are five RTR basic lands and John Avon's forest from Unhinged
* Bugfixes

MTG Archery Panel Livethread 

Oh hey, "Magic meets Grimm Fairytales". I knew it'd be Grimm. :D

Oh boy, last weekend of July has a lot happening in Arena:

* Precon Battlebox-style event
* Basic Land rewards

Very exciting stuff!

Really spectacular article by Mark Rosewater regarding rules, constraints, and the roles they play in games and fiction.

Really liking the change to the XP track they implemented today. Definitely lets some of the pressure off. Maybe they should turn vault percentage into XP and also add some wildcards to the mastery rewards!

I have to say, after playing with it I really like the London mulligan! I was worried it would make mulligans take longer, but it didn't feel that way in the heat of the game.

Oh and apparently people are going on about an "XP Cap", but basically your first three wins of the day give XP and the rest do the regular gold and ICR track. There is no cap to XP from your quests.

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The mastery system is... OK. If you don't buy the battle pass ($17), then your rewards are roughly the same as they were before. The battle pass adds a bunch of styles, packs, and ICRs which I suppose is a reasonable value, especially when you say that $1=1 pack.

New sleeves in the Arena store: five more Japanese Art Planeswalkers, including Amano's Liliana (available for 4000 Gold) and Karn, Vivian, Nissa, and Angrath (600 gems or about $3 each).

OK, so now @askurza should pull the card database from scryfall every week. And it will also DM me when it does so I'm not wondering what my bot is doing when I'm not paying attention!

I'm kind of sad I didn't give Planeswalker Momir a run earlier. Even though it's an absolutely nonsense format, my inner timmy loves it. I might try to come up with a way to play it at home.

It's been hard for me to wrap my head around War of the Spark - I've gone 1-3 in all three sealed events I've tried on Arena. D:

Apparently the japanese alternate art planeswalkers are going to be card sleeves instead of card styles in Arena.

Honestly I'd like them as player avatars. It'd be nice to get a break from "angry face with glowy eyes" aesthetic.

oooo finally got around to the Arena update and wow amass is my kind of mechanic.

oh now this is freaking neat: apparently if you grab a japanese pack of , you have a shot at getting an alternate art planeswalker.

MTGWAR Spoilers 

Huh, I was only expecting the Finale cycle to be in Grixis colors. Finale of Glory looks like my kind of nonsense.

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