Hmm... looks like Starbound has come back out of hibernation for the bounty hunting update! The last major release, 1.3, was June 2017, so it's been nearly two years since we've had any major content.

Starbound is a really good-looking game, but the gameplay loop leaves a lot to be desired. After all, there's not much to do on all the planets you land on.

Hopefully this inspires the dev team to think of some new ways to add to the game! :D

Crowdfunding a Super Monkey Ball fan game! Show more

Crowdfunding a Super Monkey Ball fan game! Show more

@nivex Happy eyeballs is anything but! Even though v4 appears to be snappy with no problems, but when I'm in dual stack things slow to a miserable crawl.

I think it's a CDN outage since the sites that fail lack any rhyme or reason. I'm guessing the first hop works but something behind is failing.

Hmm... gotta love those IPv6-only outages that make pages sporadically fail unless you turn off IPv6. :(

Apparently the japanese alternate art planeswalkers are going to be card sleeves instead of card styles in Arena.

Honestly I'd like them as player avatars. It'd be nice to get a break from "angry face with glowy eyes" aesthetic.

Oh hey I finally helped someone set up displayport multistream transport. That only took three years.

@applebaps @Ishiima The whole fediverse loves milkshake wolves, the two wolves inside of you that drink milkshakes. *5 seconds later...*

Still in a space mood, so got another commission of Scarlet - this time from @pocketghosts yeeeaaaah

oh wow I saw the Mario Maker direct and that looks like a lot of fun. Endless goofy Mario Maker levels? Sign me up.

@matt @Aleums In case you're curious, they do still do them on TV and all of the drawings are archived on respective lotto websites.

The process is interesting: part of their security policy is to maintain around five of the ping pong ball machines at a time, and the one to be used is chosen randomly before each drawing.

Since all valid tickets are recorded in a database, I think people would be suspicious that the app would be able to intentionally pick "losing" numbers.

love to get called into the boss's office because I did an early return instead of wrapping the whole rest of the function in an if

@tootbrute Perhaps - it probably helps the marketing/sales division hit some numbers. They'll definitely be emailing me again in the next few months asking why I haven't bought more minutes, but it's easy enough to ignore.

lol - I bought a cheap wireless hotspot and never activated it. The company offered me $25 to activate it, which was more than what I paid for it.

Not sure how this makes financial sense for the company but hey I'm not complaining.

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Oh god infinite [[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]] combo using [[Oath of Teferi]] and [[Jace, Cunning Castaway]]?

I always knew replicating pirate Jace was my favorite.

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sonic hot take Show more

@Trashbang I named every single road I built in Minecraft, set up street signs at each intersection, and even had NS/EW pneumonics.

spilled dog food all over my kitchen floor. luckily i didn't actually have to clean it up myself 🐶 🐶

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