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Barry Peddycord III

@jalcine So "web of trust" has gotten a bad rap because most people associate "web of trust" with PGP's hyper-nerds-only model. And keep in mind, we need to survive a system where there isn't a global "one true name" for every person. Ie, you shouldn't confuse me with Chris Webber the basketball player, but neither myself nor the basketball player should be able to establish a monopoly on that name. But the petnames system described in is designed for this:

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@mastohost Correct. Every time I mention federation with anyone remotely technical, the first thing response I hear is how they'd like to self-host.

I love being on a single-user instance (especially thanks to your service), even though it has some challenges and hassles for the casual user experience. But I avoid recommending the practice to other people since I'm worried they won't know what they're getting into and burn themselves out.

I wonder how many other people on here are using a as their primary interaction with the fediverse?

I'm sure @mastohost knows but I might trust him less if he indulges in giving me answer. :)

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I went to order my afternoon latte and my barista asked me about Mastodon.

Seriously. This actually happened.

All he knows is that I sit in his coffee shop all day working on something having to do with Twitter and that there's a bunch of bad news about Twitter today.


Just deactivated. Appropriately, this is what you now get when you visit

RT Now this is a unique way to phish.

i'm worried that one day someone named ishara will read my instance's terms of service that says "only isharas allowed" and ask if they are allowed

OK another server is live:

This one is called RoadRunner because it's how I fell :)

I don't particularly like green cards, but they certainly make long games interesting. Green is a scrappy color and I think I play my best games when it ends up in my pool.

@kensanata Haha, fair enough. I think tabletop gaming encompasses all of boardgames, cardgames, and RPGs, but obviously it differs from person to person. Categories are hard!

Meet the Hearthstones
They're an Azeroth card family
From the
Inn in Goldshire
They're a page right out of WOW's story

@kensanata Hi! I'll happily volunteer for:
* Devops
* Information Technology
* Gaming
* Academia
* Friendly People!

I also recommend Tabletop Gaming as a missing category (though I do not volunteer for it!). This is a good initiative!

@DialMforMara That's what I'm hoping for. Maybe could use a Discord for that purpose? :)

Anyway, for some GOOD NEWS, look what I found on the Arena forums! Challenging specific players is on its way... Fediverse league anyone? ^_^

Was able to turn it off with an about:config setting. Browsers are growing up too fast for me these days.

Apparently browsers have gotten to the point where videos can autoplay even if all javascript is disabled.