Grumble, I wish it were possible to designate a bridge to send IPv6 RAs when it's instantiated rather than having to manually put the stanza in radvd.conf.

@webinista ah right, I suppose it would be "ssh vagrant@localhost".

I don't know how far ahead in vagrant you upgraded from, but we hit some issues where vagrant no longer requires boxes to have username/password = vagrant/vagrant, so boxes started using their own defaults.

@webinista Does doing ssh manually work? `ssh localhost -p 2022` (or whatever port vagrant is mapping to).

i had to scroll back eight hours to realize that "su" is an abbreviation for steven universe and not a resurgence in popularity of the super user command

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Went 4-1-0 at prerelease with Orzhov. Came in second place overall.

I'll be really stoked if one day most of the articles that get linked around here are hosted on writefreely instances.

@vy If they're going to let it be so close to the patrons, they should go all the way and affix a "do not switch" label to it.

I learned something pretty cool today. You ever heard a song on a YouTube video that was electronic music? It might have been Monstercat. Monstercat has terms where YouTubers who make money via advertisement must pay them $5 a month in order to use them in monetized videos, but unmonetized videos can use them for free. However, their page only lists certain platforms they have deals for like YouTube and Twitch.

Due to how PeerTube is decentralized and doesn't do ad revenue, I was worried about whether or not I could use their songs in a video without risking an entire instance. So, I sent a support request, and they confirmed that it would be fine if people use their songs on PeerTube as long as the Monsercat, the artist, and the song all get proper credit!

So if you're looking to publish on PeerTube and need background music, Monstercat has your back.

Today I learned that neopets doesn't use https for their login page. They don't even support https at all!

Now that's what I call commitment to retro website design.

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My PR got approved and my bot got a bunch of upvotes from internet strangers. This is a good way to start the day!

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@DialMforMara MTGA Tracker, an open source companion for Arena that I contribute to. It will save your draft and game histories, and you can export drafts from it in the same format the MTGO uses.

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