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the craziest part of browsing the web with noscript on is finding out which parts of a web are actually served off of completely different domains, and how many requests actually do nothing for the content of the webpage at all

A thesis on the usage of "liking" a post to convey "I acknowledge your response and have nothing further to add"

@c25l I have not, but I left out that I was mostly interested in adventure mode - I think the mod is designed for fortress mode.

Maybe I'll try Cataclysm again. That was always good fun. :)

@Canageek I'm more interested in the adventure mode. In theory I love the super-detailed world, but it just isn't immersive when I put it to practice.

You know, I really want to enjoy Dwarf Fortress... it's just so chaotic and overwhelming. There's so much information that I don't know where to direct my attention.

Makes me wonder if you could pull off a huge, living universe that operated via periodic pushes and pulls to/from a central server. When the central server dies, you don't get any more updates to your local copy - the universe just sits, frozen in stasis until the end of time.

@Sylvhem Ah yes, the double edged sword of activitypub and its automatic resource sharing. :)

The only bad feels I have about Elite Dangerous are that if the developers ever shut down the server, I guess we're just done.

I really hate this trend with games these days. "Buy our game and all these cosmetic updates, and then when we shut it all down you're stuck with NOTHING."

Bluffing a settle the wreckage and surviving long enough to topdeck slaughter the strong is the best feeling ever.

Oh dear, now I'm wanting to start a blog for video game pontification. I'm sure it'll pass... who needs a blog when you have mastodon? :)

I think my favorite part is how the game's reward structure is also the fun part of the game. I don't feel like I'm being encouraged to do something I don't want to do in order to do something I want to do.

There's something soothing about the streamlined gameplay loop of Elite: Dangerous.

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@mauve I feel like that's part of the social media growth curve.

Early stage: Earnest tweets about my field to connect with people in my field.
Late stage: More like butt-coin, amirite?

I never really got popular popular, but I certainly got fatigued.

Something that's always kind of bugged me about gamedev stuff on bird website is like...

Any dev above a certain notoriety doesn't really talk about their development anymore. It's more of the hot takes variety, or little bite size clips to show off to try to grab attention.

Nobody talks about the nuts and bolts of development because it's over the heads of most people; or worse attracts the sort of player who's looking to pick a fight because they don't understand how design works.