I've started getting tons of bells without realizing it by having some blue flowers next to my house attracting peacock butterflies.

Ikoria card 

On April 1st I was a bit overwhelmed by all the new stuff going in the island, but after a while I'm enjoying the egg hunt and crafting challenge leading up to bunny day

@Ethancdavenport oh, there's not much to it:
1. Make a private twitter account
2. Connect it your your switch (you get prompted for this if you try and share a screenshot)
3. Connect it to a public mastodon crossposter

Seriously bummed out about Dark Sky being taken away from Android.

Tarantula island-ing in feels more satisfying than beetle island-ing in New Leaf. Maybe it's the challenge of the standoff with my spidery rivals, or perhaps that I don't have to use the weird crate system when going back home.

Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple. of course, they're shutting most of it down.


Loving animal crossing but feeling really guilty about not having played any magic for a couple months!

@Sylvhem computer science students used to joke about their professors' old static web pages and now they seek to emulate them again.

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