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me, turn 1: these original combat animations are really cute
me, turn 3: (hold B to skip combat animations)

me, before wargroove: i sure miss advance wars and its deep gameplay
me, losing wargroove campaign missions: yeah now i remember why i never finished the advance wars campaign

These are some really stylish d6s made from gemstones with zodiac and planetary symbols on them.

I'm not a fan of dice with numerals (I like pips!), but sharing for other lovers.

Poirot now lives again, in "The ABC Murders," a three-part British production that's been imported by Amazon Prime Video. The new miniseries is based upon the 13th novel in Christie's series of books featuring Poirot.

API/data structure design question: 

@Ice_In_Disguise @ajanionthespot Instead of an emblem, you could make it a legendary token artifact so that they can't be stockpiled. Or add another clause to the emblem/token that says "exile at the beginning of your next upkeep".

Long - Call for us Fediverse denizens to start making TV shows 

why did they call it windows xp 64 bit edition and not Super Microsoft Windows 64

@cwebber Something I've taken to doing whenever I make any game is I create a quake-style quick console in the GUI for logging messages and allowing arbitrary REST API commands to be entered. This lets me debug and test things even when only a subset of the functionality is implemented.

@SliverQueen i can just imagine someone wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses, carrying it into a GP with it handcuffed to their wrist, getting ready for a serious collection appraisal session. 🕵️

They did that at a Sichuan restaurant I went to in Beijing, except they served it in advance and you were supposed to dab your food on it like a sponge. I thought it was an appetizer, much to the amusement of my in-laws.

OK, I know I'm behind everyone and it's not that impressive, but darn it I'm proud of myself.

Hmm... thinking about getting Wargroove on Switch instead of PC. Seems like overkill to have to get the computer out to play a tactics game.

DHCP is down in the office today so everyone has their human-assigned static leases written on their whiteboards.

Last night I dreamt that I went to Target to adopt a rescue dog, but when I got home I found out the box was empty and boy was I mad.

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