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I've found that I'm the kind of person who really loves games with a hub world that grows along with the protagonist's adventure.

There's something really emotionally compelling about the smallish world of Crystal Chronicles where you can reasonably learn the names of everyone in your home town and visit some of the same cities with familiar faces on your trip every other in-game year or so.

Something I've realized: Dwarf Fortress worlds are meant to be looked at, not lived in. This is why Watching the sea-monkeyesque Dwarves live their silly lives and express their thoughts to an omniscient being in fortress mode is more entertaining than trying to live and interact with this system of information overload as an equal participant in adventure mode.

this one i called Pokésearch. you can put pokemon cards in it and uhhhhhhh

"If you’re going to ask for help in America ... you’d better be really, truly, abjectly, miserably poor, and you’d better perform that poverty for the benefit of the more fortunate." 

gotta love that feeling when a site tells you to verify yourself by email but you're still on gmail and now gmail wants to verify you too

Part of me is wanting to get back into FF14, but the rest.of me is like "no you fool".

Ugh one of these days I need to use systemd for my bot instead of nohup &.

I'd really love some gamepad controls for Arena. I hate being hunched over to use a mouse to play. Just want to sit upside down on my couch or whatever.

I have posted an idea for Mastodon moderation and spam fighting on Mastodon Discourse and would love to get feedback on it:

Today's launch event was quite nice. Lots of friendly people, everyone got a chance to play despite the print and distribution shortages.

I went 2-2 with this deck:

I like how each game played out differently. Each deck has its own "best way" to win, and I think those all shined through with the folks I played with. Still swingy, but not samey.

I'm loving the deck scanning database of . It's quite wild to see that 25000 have been scanned in just the first 13 hours after launch. This is what I wanted from No Man's Sky, lol.

Here's the list for my very first deck:

FFG: "We're gonna stop decks with problematic names from being used in tournament play."
Me: "Ah yes that's good."
FFG: "This deck has a problematic name."
Me: "Wait no"

Today is the launch day so I made a bot that tracks the number of decks that have been recorded in their database! @archonwatch

Hmm interesting. It looks like if you follow someone on Mastodon and they toot, and then someone else replies to that toot, it gets federated to your instance even if nobody is following the person that replied.

This explains why the threads of people I follow are more complete than those that get boosted into my timeline.

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