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Ugh, looks like my options for getting screenshots off my switch are Twitter, Facebook, or taking out the SD card.

Thinking about a dummy Twitter account + a Mastodon Crossposter to automatically post screenshots to Mastodon.

Favorite part about the new year is the three month period where you keep putting the wrong date on things due to muscle memory.

Ouch, Mastalab burned through 136 MB of data in the last ten days.

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📍linux | “Too niche”
_ _ _ _ _ __|
📍Fire TV
📍Apple Watch
📍NVIDIA Shield

One weird side effect of Magic Arena making easier to play is that I've been oddly playing it a lot less.

It used to be that Draft was a thing where I had one chance to do it or miss it for that week, so it upped the pressure to play and do well.

Now that I can draft any time, much, cheaper, it becomes so easy to put it off because I'm taking it for granted.

when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.
#photography #LongExposure

Part of me wishes there were more fun chats to join on Matrix, but the rest of me knows that I'd never actually do much chatting even if there were. 😀

*grumble* apparently instance-level silencing doesn't intercept boosts.

The hardest part about flight sims is figuring out how to set up my keybindings. 

Oh boy I finally got to drive my buggy on the moon in Star Citizen! I also figured out how to fix "lookahead" mode, which has made flying a lot less disorienting.


oh and the event draft on Arena right now is utter nonsense. all cards cast from hand are free, so you just get all the big silly spells and go to town (or recur [[divination]] four times, whatever) @askurza

gameing melancholy 

My relationship with games:

*play magic for a few hours* Magic is my hobby
*plays smash for a few hours* I regret playing Magic as Smash is my new hobby
*watches a star citizen trailer* one day Star Citizen will be my hobby. in the meantime No Mans Sky is my hobby

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