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Poirot now lives again, in "The ABC Murders," a three-part British production that's been imported by Amazon Prime Video. The new miniseries is based upon the 13th novel in Christie's series of books featuring Poirot.

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why did they call it windows xp 64 bit edition and not Super Microsoft Windows 64

OK, I know I'm behind everyone and it's not that impressive, but darn it I'm proud of myself.

Hmm... thinking about getting Wargroove on Switch instead of PC. Seems like overkill to have to get the computer out to play a tactics game.

If you work on open source software as a volunteer in your free time, it's perfectly fine to have the "CLOSED - DOESN'T SPARK JOY" ticket resolution in your bug tracker.

DHCP is down in the office today so everyone has their human-assigned static leases written on their whiteboards.

Last night I dreamt that I went to Target to adopt a rescue dog, but when I got home I found out the box was empty and boy was I mad.

I got a new hat a while back but recently realized it makes a perfect canvas for my Guild Kit buttons!

(redrafted to add image desc)

Hmmm... the Unstable brawl deck didn't seem to compete very well against a Dominaria brawl deck.

Grumble, I wish it were possible to designate a bridge to send IPv6 RAs when it's instantiated rather than having to manually put the stanza in radvd.conf.

i had to scroll back eight hours to realize that "su" is an abbreviation for steven universe and not a resurgence in popularity of the super user command

Went 4-1-0 at prerelease with Orzhov. Came in second place overall.

I'll be really stoked if one day most of the articles that get linked around here are hosted on writefreely instances.

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