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Not a huge fan of the whole "replacing function keys with media keys" trend. Especially when there's no way to reverse it in my OS or Bios.

So in other news, I finally replaced the keyboard that came with my computer.

Hmmmm.... feeling a longing to get lost in a virtual world again. Do I... πŸ€”

* Load up an outdated version of Minecraft?
* Grab the weekly release?
* Wait for either the new version to drop or for the mood to pass, whichever comes first?

Just a little reminder about the best creature token in Magic.

RT @mykola

lol what a great definition of 'eventual consistency'

Creative industries are rife with survivorship bias.

Trying to make a living as a creator is a risky proposition. Taking on student loans is a massive gamble. Quitting your job to pursue creating can be disastrous.

Think carefully before you leap without a safety net.


It's fine, you're every bit the same amount of a "real" creator as the person who makes their money from creating.

Money does not legitimize you as a creator.

JUST ONE DAY after I go speculating "Gee, I wonder what WACKY circumstances could result in WotC EVER printing a card of Serra?" they go and announce THIS?!


"Any other service providers feel the pain from this morning's Fortnite update? (self.networking)"

ah 2019 where the new traffic spike worry is a game update


Hmm... MTGAtrackers's "seen cards" are a bit wonky. There were two Resplendent Angels in there, and the Pteramander is mine.

Did you know that the videogame cartridge was created by a black man named Jerry Lawson in the 70s? His work would later be used by small names such as Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. We have well and truly been out here forever.

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Kingstagram is objectively the best thing to ever happen to Kingdom Hearts and I'm having a lot of fun with it

Woooooo it took nearly a year but I've finally gotten the hang of dogfighting in Star Citizen.

Walking dogs on a rainy morning

Dog 1: "I'd better do my business really fast so I can get back inside"
Dog 2: *stares at me* "Why are you making me stand in the rain?" :blob_aww:

Oh now this looks like fun. Mythic Championship London is testing a new Mulligan system: you get to look at seven cards every time you mulligan, and choose which cards from your hand you want to trim (one card per mulligan).

While I get that people are miffed about reduced coverage for events, I'm actually a fan of focusing the attention on a smaller number of high stakes events.

Further, with the Pro League having guaranteed spots in both Arena and Paper Championships, it means that they aren't pressured to participate in them actively, which makes the final rounds for most of these events like cool "boss battles".

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