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WAR cards combo! 

Trying to negotiate the three-dimensional landscapes in means that I need to spend a lot more time planning out how I'm going to do things. I find it a lot more fun to figure out how many resources I'll have at a particular site, figure out the supply chain offline and on paper, then spend my time in game figuring out placement instead of doing on-the-fly math. Something about a first-person view makes it really hard for me to think about those kinds of things.

this is how spaghetti code starts, first its a small spaghetti, then it becomes a larmge spaghetti.

I worry a lot about how invested we are in our identities being tied to e-mail addresses that are controlled by big corps who give away that service for free for some reason

EFF just posted an article and called a user's email address their "digital passport": that is a very apt metaphor and I really, really hate that's where we've ended up. :(

#Ledger is an open source command line financial reporter.

Ledger parses and process double entry #accounting journals written by the user. It can then create detailed reports on various accounts.

Ledger isn't a full validator and journal like #GnuCash, rather it is a tool to allow you to verify and overview hand made paper-like accounting journals. This allows for great flexibility.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: ledger

#free #foss #opensource #fossmendations #finance

Suggesting that my computer "may have been infected by malware" simply because I'm browsing without Javascript is borderline irresponsible.

We made a new reference pack of expressions! 😲

We know how painful it can be to make expressive characters. 😭

We know how easy it is to go for dull, vapid expressions. πŸ˜‡

So enjoy these 639 pictures and give life to your characters. πŸ˜„


#mastoart #art

The Shadow Realm as a concept has lodged itself so deeply in my unconscious that I forget it's from the American localization of fucking Yu-Gi-Oh

i tell you what, these team bags turned out to be really great for keeping all the little dowels and screws that come with ikea furniture.

Dear sysadmins, I need your help. What tools would you recommend to make backups of a Debian server?
I know I already asked a similar question last year, but I never did actually any backups and then I forgot all your great answers ><.

something that low-key annoys me is when marketing and order confirmation mails come from the same address, so i can't risk setting up an autodelete filter for risk of losing my receipts

lol my new router/modem won't let me assign a static dhcp lease until after a device does DHCP the first time lol

Today I just got a spam email trying to get me to sign up for GDPR Training Courses πŸ€”

MTG WAR spoilers, april fools 

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