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Hmm... so apparently my printer prints badly unless I explicitly go and put it in B&W mode. Maybe it steals color ink to make B&W printing last longer, but when you leave that cartridge empty it causes trouble? 🤔

blurhash is interesting seeing it in action. It definitely makes my timeline feel more alive and less robotic than all the black rectangles did. :D

Oooo I need to give @elliemars a shoutout for this stellar rendition of my CMDR Scarlet Downing. Absolutely top notch.

Good morning, everyone! Firefox is still broken. As a workaround, you can enable studies in Preferences, which will apparently somehow pull a new intermediate cert that will fix your extensions. You can turn studies off again once your addons start working, and should. No word on a proper fix yet.

OK, Firefox nightly seems to have us back in business.

get your firefox extensions back 

Literally today Firefox has decided to make almost all my extensions "legacy" and disabled them (including a literal Mozilla extension), and won't let me install any more or reinstall them or enable them.

I guess the crux of what I'm saying is that we need new heroes.

We need new organizations. We need new blood in the FOSS world that is focussed on protecting the user, on building a community, on doing good rather than just not being evil.

We need less 1960s/70s techno-utopian optimism, and more suspicion and protection.

This tech is a neutral, ultimately, but the people who advocate for it are not. I want to be careful about which people we ally myself with.

It appears that there is discussion around the confusion of the crossed-out eye for sensitive media.

As it turns out, the universal iconography I mentioned earlier is a great solution for this. Just slide the blob behind the wall to mark as sensitive.

:blob_public: ↔️ :blob_wall:

I've always found the icons for public, unlisted, followers-only, and direct to be kind of confusing, so I propose these replacements

:blob_public: Public
:blob_unlisted: Unlisted
:blob_followers: Followers Only
:blob_direct: Direct Message

Thinkpiece: I refuse to learn something new that contradicts what I was taught growing up and that makes me the smart person in this story.

guuh it still throws me off how the DM column shows you the avatar of the person you mention rather than the author (you)

thinking about updating askurza with some +register and +unregister commands so it can respond to you without being explicitly mentioned.

discord/irc take since we're doing these again! 

FOSS observations 

discord/irc take since we're doing these again! 

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