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It remains very weird to me that you are playing a specific character you get to name in the Pokemon games (like Link in the Zelda series) and not just as yourself.

Apparently I've got five companies who all use the same phone number to send 2FA text messages.

I recently made my bot send me a DM when it boots, which means that I now have an accidental alert system to tell me if I lose internet or power at home.

I just realized... why am I going through all the trouble of writing and parsing INI files when I could just use json for my configuration files?

Speaking of gitlab i really should migrate my repos at some point. Right now my gitlab is all private repos and my github is all public ones. :P

Idea: if a site is going to use a circle with the first letter of your username as the avatar it should let the user just pick out an emoji to use as the avatar as an alternative to having to find and upload an image.

The use case I have here is sites like Gitlab, where each repo has an avatar: it'd be great to pick a distinctive emoji for each one.

OK, so now @askurza should pull the card database from scryfall every week. And it will also DM me when it does so I'm not wondering what my bot is doing when I'm not paying attention!

I need to automate the card database updates for @askurza at some point. Maybe set it on a weekly cron job or something.

gmail rejects some random subset of email from servers that don't have IPv6 reverse dns set..

so if your hosting provider happens to enable ipv6 autoconfig one happy day, everything breaks with no warning

#google #morons

tech knock knock joke 

Retribute, Initial Proof of Concept 

London Mulligan rule is coming into effect on the release of Magic 2020 (July 12th). Looking forwards to less non-games of magic!

The best part about dream diaries is reading through them months later and trying to remember "did I really dream that?"

I've created the "How to Live on #LowIncome" wiki! It just has a list of wanted articles so far. If you want to add to it, you can already start! Yay, let's build this together, and save lives!
OK to RT.

after a bunch of agonizing I finally found a way to display my guild pins

i've gotten like twelve emails from nextdoor this morning my neighbors need to chill the fuck out

wen day is dark

alway rember

i = 0x5f3759df - ( i >> 1 ); // what the fuck?

Me. starting arena: I should use some of this gold on drafts.
Me, playing arena: Let's do these dailies and get more gold.

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