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An interesting thing I've noticed with the Firefox containers extension is that logging into Google requires three redirects, including one that goes to accounts dot youtube dot com. 🤔

I wonder if it would be bad to use the OTP as the first factor and the password as the second factor?

huh, I didn't realize that clearing my notifications on tusky would purge them from the web app too. 🤔

Woo - finally got the featured articles on the MTG e-sports page to parse too. I'm so annoyed that they don't use RSS for that page, and include the articles in two separate javascript data structures.

I thought this was two separate pockets but nope just tested it out and its one.

I just realized that the main reason I avoid podcasts is that because they don't have subtitles I can't really follow them if I'm eating a snack.

A PSA about used battery disposal from a 1991 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine. Mario says (translated, roughly) "Used batteries belong in the proper disposal containers and not in the environment!" Bowser replies "Just leave me alone!"

So now that Masto supports audio uploads, does that mean it's officially a federated soundcloud replacement too?

I just sit back, amazed that the bots I wrote months ago are still just doing their own thing.

I really want to like you Matrix, but is there a reason for your app to take as long as it does to reopen a chat room I just closed?

Okay new game:

Everyone do a predictive text toot beginning with "Mastodon is crumbling.."

Picked up a new bag to reduce the clutter I find myself bringing to FNM. Fits the twin flip'n'tray perfectly.

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