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Completing the Special World in Super Mario World results in, among other changes, some enemies assuming alternate forms (left column). However, two forms were added exclusively to the Super Mario Advance 2 version that were absent from the original (middle and right columns).

Aha, there we go. The problem was that it was crashing when the image description was too long.

A lot of effort just to complain about a turn-two [[nissa, who shakes the world]]

Looks like Urzabot dislikes Nissa who shakes the world as much as I do! Seems to crash when i try to look her up!

Land rewards for tomorrow's planecation event are Rebecca Guay's Basic Land cycle

What I should be doing: practicing draft.
What I am doing: Putting 30 counters on Ajani's Pridemate

i wonder how many of the people writing blog posts as a series of phone screenshots of a notetaking app are actually using a website to fake the notetaking app to make it feel more but without the labor of actually typing one thousand words on a phone

Oh hey, just announced their third expansion pack: "Worlds Collide". Apparently they'll be rotating two of the houses out of the game for now, bringing two new flavorful families of creatures to play with.

Was on planes for a while and got to play a number of hours of the new Fire Emblem.

I think my favorite thing about it is how it doesn't throw characters into your team faster than you can mentally process them. I often found it hard to play FE since I'd clear a chapter and it'd be like "here's six characters you've never met before!"

Hmm.... on one hand I could grab FE 3 Houses today. But if I do, it may just end up never being completed like literally every other FE game I've ever gotten. 🤔

I'd love to work with folks to build a cooperatively owned and designed CCG alternative to Magic.

It'd be fun to design the cards, produce a digital client, and send templates to printers to produce full sets and provide them to players at-cost. :)

Magic Arena Patch Notes 

Me, crying: "You can't just add ops to anything you want!"
Tech: ChatOps. DeskOps. LunchOps.

For people looking for an alternative to Facebook events that isn't spammy like evite and the like, I recommend checking out

It requires no login, basically you provide an email address, you get a unique editing URL, you make a nice looking event form, and people can RSVP there. Your event and all related info is deleted from their DB 2 weeks after the event is over.

Romeo and Juliet takes place in a Fediverse with two large instances: and

The admins of these instances have defederated from each other, meaning can't respond to's follow request.

So they secretly make alts on a new instance where they can be mutuals.

I ought to try playing sealed using the theme boosters. At 35 cards all in one or two colors, you only need to cut 8 or 9 to make a 40 card deck.

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