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I find it funny that when anyone links to a Slate story, the opengraph preview card that gets loaded is "About Slate's Use of your Data".

I thought I was getting line hum from my monitors when they powered on and off, but today I learned it was just the rumble on my gamepad that triggers when it connects and disconnects. 🎮

Unpopular programming/packaging opinions 

I probably could have made it through the Arena planecation easier today if I had made a real deck rather than replacing [[light up the stage]] with [[the flame of keld]] in a standard mono-red list.

Still got my 15 wins for the week though.

I just remembered that there was a whole episode in Yu-Gi-Oh where the moral was that netdecking is bad.

The thing that still irks me is that there's no public API or anything to view all of the discoveries that get reported. I'd really like some external validation that I'm getting credit for the systems I visit! :/

Got to try the new No Man's Sky update. Started a new game and everything:

Feels like they've gone hard into basic survival buildcraft progression tropes. Now that inventory management has been relaxed, feels quite appropriate for the game. Recharging your systems is cheaper too.

I am so excited about this stream-inside-discord thing. Even with only 10 people it'll be great for casual game nights and hanging out.

Get to the next level by mortgaging your home to finance your singles purchases

i wonder if i should give the NMS update a shot. Apparently they made the game a bit less grindy.

I tried hubzilla today on a lark. Was thinking about nomadic identity but... wow. It's a heck of a learning curve.

To get your account replicated, you have to
* make an account on some random server on The Grid
* tell it to duplicate a channel hosted elsewhere.

I dunno, but that feels just... weird to me. It's like joining a mastodon server just to crosspost everything from your main mastodon server. 🤔

Fedi hot take 

@ishara Faxes have the ultimate security measure: a cover page that says who it's for. Nobody would dare peek. It's the faxer's code

Sending personal information in an email may compromise the security of your account, so please send us an unencrypted fax that will just sit around until someone sees it.

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