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I like the new set view on Scryfall -

All these nonsense alternate arts and promos all over the place meant that it was important to document the different kinds of cards and where they come from!

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Newest Un-set announced, in an interesting form: Un-Sanctioned!

5 30-card non-randomized decks with new and old favorite Un- cards. Only one product to buy, no chasing rares or piles of duplicates.

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i finally fell for it and got one of those credit card multitools. Mostly to free up the weight on my keyring from my bottle opener.

oh no masto 3.0.0 is sending me emails asking me to approve trending hashtags D:

My Mastodon is a professional social media presence and I will not be engaging in any tomfoolery, shenanigans, or hijinks send toot

Wow chili is such a time-intensive dish to prepare.

2 hours shopping for just the right peppers.
1 hour of ingredient prep
2 hours of cooking

Tastes soooo good though.

did anyone else play the .hack// games on PS2 and then use outlook express on their computer despite not having the internet to write fake emails to yourself from your party members like they did in the game?

oh no ring is marketing a tiny indoor camera because alexa wasnt nearly creepy enough

a huge fan of how the image descriptions on this app cover the images so i can neither see the image nor read the description

project idea: fire emblem support conversation generator markov bot

FE characters have this tendency to repeat key phrases a lot, so I think it'd be fun to train a model on all of their text and probably create support conversations that are as sensible as the ones that get published anyway. :D

Pretty excited to try out Elite Dangerous in VR.

I prefer VR in seated games since I really hate the "disembodied hand" UX. It's one reason I don't really like No Man's Sky's VR.

I've said multiple times that I believe this recent work in ActivityPub has been a sort of Renaissance for meaningful open-source work.

In the past decade or so, we saw a lot of split-model open source projects like databases and message queues and stuff that targeted business users: people who would leverage the free version and pay for support.

This reminds me of the efforts to make tools like word processors and image editors, and I'm very excited to see where it goes.

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Social media was probably what stopped me learning and making things for fun.

Not only was it this low-effort, high-reward activity I could indulge in during my downtime, it also made me contextualize everything I've done as a performance for an audience that didn't really exist.

Mastodon, and by extension, private/local social media has been an important contribution in helping me unlearn those internalized messages pushed by the larger, for-profit platforms.

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I didn't really miss Twitter, but I still had its habits internalized.

Even on Masto, I would refresh constantly for new content to consume, and there would be none since it was slower and less noisy. I would get very frustrated at this, but after over a year, it helped wean me off of that kind of behavior.

I find myself using idle time that I once spent compulsively refreshing my social media feeds doing other things: socializing with my pets, playing games I enjoy, going outside.

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I switched over completely to Mastodon almost two years ago, and it's been interesting.

Twitter started out fine, I was able to follow interesting personalities in the hobbies I cared about, connect with other academics, and use it with a sense of intention and purpose.

When I left academia and went into industry, it was more difficult for me to share what I was doing on a daily basis. Twitter was left as a weird vestige of a past life, something I compulsively used and couldn't get rid of.

Me: *says nothing*

Opponent: *plays [[watery grave]]*

Me: *sobs quietly*

this should make these flash drives orders of magnitude more useful

Running this list through the Standard 2020 XP grind. Did pretty well the first day I brought it out, but it's weak on the control side, relying on early damage and finishing with non-combat damage from the [[spawn of mayhem]].

Feels good to finally have a black deck to play with!

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