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Oops, somebody tried to hide their product launch behind javascript! Looks pretty nice, but the question is, will Ford run commercials for it?

Pretty excited about the Ford Mustang Mach-e reveal this sunday. Can't wait to see the dams burst on EVs.

That was a surreal experience: I plugged my Bolt in and it started pumping coolant to do its battery conditioning. Sounded like a mad scientist's lab.

Finally played a few rounds of paper magic and it was fun - Arena has me so burned out between standard and bot drafts

oh no, the mystery booster test cards were never "spoiled" so my scryfall preview bot doesn't fetch them correctly with it's "latest spoiled" filter! ;_;

oh no that was not fun. The controls were way too arcadey. I didn't feel like I had any control of my car.

I'm sure it's a great game for the right audience, but not for me. I'll play some more Forza or The Crew.

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you know what let's give need for speed heat a try. I miss that goofy franchise

I love how the playtest magic cards look pretty much like how i designed cards for my ishara card game from middle school (aesthetically, not mechanically)

Even though it's technically correct, I'm agitated by weather apps that say "oh yeah, 80% chance of rain today and tomorrow" when the prediction is for rain to start at 11 PM tonight and end at 2 AM tomorrow.

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MTG, Theros, possibly a leak 

These can't be really be land designs for the next set, right? These are gorgeous.

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the loft beds in dumbing of age be like


I just remembered how big the bed is in Deadly Premonition and I can't stop laughing.


Star Citizen had its quarterly release recently.

I used to hate how slow the game seemed to move but I think the "take your time" aesthetic has grown on me. It gives you time to appreciate the atmosphere and environment.

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Hey fedi, I see a lot of people asking around here about twitch alternatives so this might actually be the most useful thing I've ever written, which is a twitch alternative. was the previous incarnation of this, but it was bad and not programmatic or simple to replicate. This is.

I think everyone knows what I mean when I say twitch clone, so there's not much explaining to do. It has livestreaming, and it has chat. You can host it on whatever server you want. is running the software as of 10 minutes ago, so you can check it out there.

you ever think about how cool semaphores are?

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when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

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