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Dark Sky is a pretty nice app. It finally got me to start paying attention to the weather!

I hope the next Forza lets us do electric motor conversions. :)

I guess academia dot edu got some new marketing vps because i'm getting slammed by emails after nearly four years of silence

also academia dot edu should have the edu domain revoked

loooool apparently pokemon sword and shield is crashing rokus since they accidentally picked the same port for network discovery

My whole childhood, I was always terrified that a computer error would show some scary image at me when I got an error. Turns out that I wasn't wrong!

Mach E reveal was kinda fun. Mostly glamour shots and a bunch of big wigs awkwardly reading teleprompters. Looking forward to seeing Prof Kelly tear into the engine of one of Ford's hybrids to see if we can gain any insight into how these ponies are going to be built.

They are putting some energy into this Mach E reveal, and even throwing some shade at Tesla. :)

I probably wouldn't find the plethora of EV charging apps so annoying if they would stop logging me out all the time.

cw: car accident, but all good news 

Oh wow, I didn't realize Prof Kelly got into an accident and that's why he hadn't uploaded anything for so long.

I love his channel, he does lots of detailed teardowns of Hybrid and EV systems. I'm so glad everything turned out OK!

oh no, i tried to play star citizen and spent 25 minutes hyperdriving to arc corp just to crash into the no fly zone

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Oops, somebody tried to hide their product launch behind javascript! Looks pretty nice, but the question is, will Ford run commercials for it?

Pretty excited about the Ford Mustang Mach-e reveal this sunday. Can't wait to see the dams burst on EVs.

That was a surreal experience: I plugged my Bolt in and it started pumping coolant to do its battery conditioning. Sounded like a mad scientist's lab.

Finally played a few rounds of paper magic and it was fun - Arena has me so burned out between standard and bot drafts

oh no, the mystery booster test cards were never "spoiled" so my scryfall preview bot doesn't fetch them correctly with it's "latest spoiled" filter! ;_;

oh no that was not fun. The controls were way too arcadey. I didn't feel like I had any control of my car.

I'm sure it's a great game for the right audience, but not for me. I'll play some more Forza or The Crew.

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you know what let's give need for speed heat a try. I miss that goofy franchise

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