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Well, I got what I wanted. Human drafts are just as fun and difficult as I remembered! I guess losing feels better when its not after a bot draft!

tfw you forget the "add" part of your git cronjob so you spend months committing and pushing with unstaged changes silently screaming that you've been ignoring them

Well now, I certainly wasn't expecting to 7-1 that draft with a weird WB good stuff deck.

I'm flying much better now in Xplane since I unplugged the xbox gamepad that was adding a small but continuous phantom roll to the right.

The turnip market is all fun and games until you learn about short term capital gains taxes.

Today in Xplane, I managed to take off from one Caribbean island and land on another. Sure, I dove straight to the runway from 1500 feet and probably broke my landing gear in the process, but I figured out how to use my brakes!

I instantly gain respect for any company who gives me a confirmation number that is a uuid.

Waking up and looking at Magic updates... looks like Historic Ranked is going to be permanent as of May 21.

I like having access to a format like this so I run a deck that doesn't rotate and score my wins for the day/week. Might get me to log in more often since I really hate the time and money that goes into putting together standard decks.

Managed to land in one piece. Sure, I landed at 100 knots in the last few feet of the runway and came to a stop in the grass but any landing you walk away from is a successful one, right?

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Finally decided to give xplane 11 a try. Much easier to get into than Microsoft flight simulator X but ahhhhh flying is not as easy as the pros make it look

Every new video for flight simulator just makes the wait that much more unbearable.

Trying to get a five star rating like...
Isabelle: "You should add more furniture."
Isabelle: "Have you tried adding more furniture?"
Isabelle: "The island needs more furniture!"
Isabelle: "Residents are complaining about clutter."

Apparently Cataclysm DDA is getting popular again? I remember version 0.C fondly, it stood out as being extremely accessible as far as complex roguelikes go.

Here we go. 12000 turnips. This is gonna be a long week.

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