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"Those who didn’t live through or participate in the BBS era likely equate being online with hyper-connectedness, which feels more and more like a corporate-sponsored illusion every day. Those users missed out on the elemental intimacy of the BBS. It was messy, it was personal, and it was profound."

I just popped over to the Magic Twitch to see the Player's Tour in action and goodness gracious, we need a spectator mode in Arena because this split screen nonsense is ugly. :)

I've decided to go through the L1 judge training course and I am so proud of myself for getting a perfect score on the quiz for Layers.

[m21] Igneous Cur 

Creature — Elemental Dog

(Please stop previewing cards in a fan layout where no one can read the text): Igneous Cur gets +2/+0 until end of turn.


im not sure how familiar you are with the franchise as a whole but I think the more interesting bit of this is to consider a lot of those daily/weekly loops existed from the Very First Game released between 2001-2004 depending on where you lived... Which is a good few years before we'd see any sort of mobile game do anything similar.
If anything we can argue that ACNH doesn't feel like a de-fanged mobile game, but mobile games feel like a predatory animal crossing

Guuuuh such a bummer to play premier draft with a perfect run up to the seventh game only to hit all your losses at the end. ;_;

Had to RMA my Juicebox EV charger. Warranty will cover a replacement in a couple of weeks, but until then I'm slowboating on Level 1. :)

Finally booted up for the first time in 13 months! Looks like we're only 800 jumps away from Sagittarius A*, so hopefully I can finally mark that one off the bucket list before we get Space Legs. :)

Speaking of , I decided to try out the gamegenic stronghold after seeing the prof's review and it is a spectacular deckbox. Only a sliver (heh) larger than a twin flip'n'tray but much better protection for the removable trays.

Best part of @mtgspoilers is seeing when scryfall comes up with some new category for a random old set of cards.

Colleges to their graduates: Don't accept an offer and then cancel it before your hire date or you'll get yourself and the college in trouble.

Companies to their hires:

Microsoft Teams is bad because it's a threaded forum with the UI of a chat room. It's so aggravating how they make it so easy to accidentally start a new thread instead of replying to a message.

Starting a new thread should require the opening of a modal.

Update: that was the most empty, soulless meal i've had, and this is coming from someone who unironically drinks soylent

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