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It's neat being able to pop out windows like the GPS and navigation log in flight simulators.

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The fact that a typo in OpenStreetMap lead to the existence of a 212-storeyed skyscraper in Flight Simulator 2020 towering over the Melbourne suburbs (instead of a simple 2-floor house) is the funniest thing I've learned this week

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Slowly working my way through the training lessons in Flight Simulator. The controls feel somewhat jerkier than Xplane but I'm enjoying it nonetheless!

Well, I've gotten flight simulator installed and have flown over my house. Now to figure out how to take decent screenshots.

My little chihuahua figured out the treat puzzle in about four minutes!

Sigh, Tello has decided to start forcing people to make a purchase every 90 days to keep their pay-as-you-go balance. I always knew this $1/mo phone plan wouldn't last forever.

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Matrix proponents would do well to learn from what is happening to Firefox and Mozilla.

Element do 90% of the development in the Matrix ecosystem - including the only server that can run at scale (I wont say "work") and the only homeserver designed to replace it (not production ready).

If Element were to come on hard times (as they have in the past, with near disastrous results), Matrix will simply fold.

Deep sea diving is a pretty good money maker, in part because there's no equipment to break!

Anyway if anyone wants to check out my animal crossing island the dream address is DA-4868-5340-8528!

every time i sit down to play animal crossing I always ask myself why I don't play it more often. It's such a relaxing sensation.

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Feeling like trying to get back into No Man's Sky.

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