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Starting a cross-country trip from Raleigh to New York, probably doing 30-minute legs at a time. Here we are on leg one, getting close to the Virginia border.


Looking forward to the moon or Mars getting the Flight Simulator 2020 treatment one day.

Pokemon Go in Dr. Ken..... wow that game's old.

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Been trying out Feedbin over the last few days. It's an RSS reader which loads the full content from a site (like feeds used to do) and lets you read tweets too.

This is a tweet, a quote retweet and the tweeted article all in one single, clean view. Very cool! 👍👀

Finally taking some screenshots! Flew over Shanghai to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower and check off some achievements.

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@qwazix @stardot @Blort I agree that there's some degree of that, and some degree of that can remain! Let's reframe it in a different setting.

Imagine if you had something like a distributed virtual world. Your main character can travel anywhere they've been given access to... but somewhere is their "home", and that "home" is on some server run by other people... but that's also physically manifest. People show up to your home neighborhood, and there are friends nearby. (cotd ...)

Tried flying an aerobatic plane in MSFS2020 today, the Extra 330, and that was scary! Did some loops, rolls, and inverted flying. Unfortunately I forgot it was a taildragger so after a successful landing I ended up tipping over at the end of my taxi when I hit the brakes too hard.

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I crashed for the first time because the axis on my fuel mixture control was reversed meaning that instead of setting the plane to full rich I ended up completely cutting power mid-flight.

It's neat being able to pop out windows like the GPS and navigation log in flight simulators.

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The fact that a typo in OpenStreetMap lead to the existence of a 212-storeyed skyscraper in Flight Simulator 2020 towering over the Melbourne suburbs (instead of a simple 2-floor house) is the funniest thing I've learned this week

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Slowly working my way through the training lessons in Flight Simulator. The controls feel somewhat jerkier than Xplane but I'm enjoying it nonetheless!

Well, I've gotten flight simulator installed and have flown over my house. Now to figure out how to take decent screenshots.

My little chihuahua figured out the treat puzzle in about four minutes!

Sigh, Tello has decided to start forcing people to make a purchase every 90 days to keep their pay-as-you-go balance. I always knew this $1/mo phone plan wouldn't last forever.

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Matrix proponents would do well to learn from what is happening to Firefox and Mozilla.

Element do 90% of the development in the Matrix ecosystem - including the only server that can run at scale (I wont say "work") and the only homeserver designed to replace it (not production ready).

If Element were to come on hard times (as they have in the past, with near disastrous results), Matrix will simply fold.

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