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MTG Innistrad Spoiler 

on the other hand, i think you could probably pull off an all-dfc standard deck this season.

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MTG Innistrad Spoiler 

Full art graphic novel lands are sick but really burned out on double faced cards after last year.

Just started reading Strength of Thousands and oh boy this one looks like a lot of fun! I wouldn't want to run it until I had the whole thing but definitely has a spot on my short list of adventures.

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In case you weren’t aware, here’s one of the many ways unregulated electronics bought online can be dangerous. A regulation Australian IEC cable must have 3x 0.75mm²+ double-insulated stranded copper conductors. This cable appears to meet that requirement at first glance — it’s marked that way on the outside, and cutting in, the PVC colours are wrong but otherwise appear okay.

But then, scrape some of the copper, and it suddenly turns silver. It’s CCA, or Copper-Clad Aluminium. A sneaky and cheap but worse conductor. The aluminium holds up much worse to corrosion and bending, and will crumble to powder inside the cables over time. Through this process it will increase its resistance, turning into a fire-starter. Very dangerous and invisible without destroying the cable to examine it. #safety #psa

Me: Limited is the best way to play magic because each set introduces a new set of mechanics you get to play with!
Also me: *has literally played nothing but mono blue tempo in the unranked queue for the last two years*

Ah yes, Discord has threads now! This is precisely what the chat program needed to improve discussions!

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Oh boy opens for preorder this week! I need more of this nonsense in my life.

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Since I've got my magic cards out today, thought I'd share my custom approach to tokens.

#mtgafr spoilers 

Make of this whatever you wish, for you will be mine in the end no matter what!

is there anything more fun than joining a discord server and muting the 50-80% of channels that don't have anything to do with you?

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The most I've used Matrix was helping migrate a channel from Freenode to Libera.

Is that sad or good?

Got my first haircut in 15 months and gosh i feel so much better

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MH2 Preview 

I don't see much chance that "Elephant Husband comes back from the dead to have a nice dinner with Rhino Husband" doesn't wind up as my favorite card. It's gonna take a lot to surpass this.

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