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Today I decided to try playing Magic Duels, since I'm impatient waiting for Arena to drop. It wasn't too bad, I played a few ranked games (won 2 lost 2) before grinding out a few rounds against the AI.

These are the things that make it hard for me to take Yu-Gi-Oh seriously...

@jk I always got such a strange feeling browsing through clipart like that, kind of a hollow sensation. As if a necessary truth was missing from these pictures that implied by their existence that there was some story being told, but there isn't. Fake cartoons produced by anonymous artists in cubicles in some forgotten office park in early 1990s America. I still wonder about those artists

Are you tired of losing a draft post because firefox intercepted your backspace and sent you back to the previous web page?

So am I! Today I got fed up and learned that you can stop that:

A) I like the smartass flavor text on its own merits

B) It's even better if you assume this guy is saying it in his most obnoxious Dovin Baan impression

C) I love how this is also a totally fair critique of a security droid

D) I want to leave this quote, verbatim, as a review for a coffeemaker or something


Tomorrow we try again at a Standard Showdown to demonstrate that we haven't learned anything from our failures tonight! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The soup of the day at FNM was "Let's try piloting Ramunap Red": it did not go well!

Buuuut everyone who beat me was super cool and helped me think over my mulligan and sideboard decisions!

This is the calendar the Roman Senate ended up with:

Januarius 29
Februarius 23
Mercedonius 23
Martius 31
Aprilis 29
Maius 31
Junius 29
Quintilis 31
Sextilis 29
September 29
October 31
November 29
December 29

See what I meant about Mercedonius being an intercalary month? It's literally in the middle of February. Like, they got 3/4 of the way through February, got bored, and decided to do something else for a month and come back later.

As goofy as it is, I really like the Cardfight Vanguard show. At least for the first few episodes I saw, it was really down to earth without any magical hoo-ha. Just kids playing a card game at their LGS.

Today I learned about "Future Card Buddyfight".

... what am I watching?

@writerSeth I learned a new trick today: you can use a web browser to do a public tag search on any instance, and if you pick a big instance, you'll get results from everyone theyโ€™re federated with.

Here's one such search:

And then you can follow people who look interesting from your account.

It might help? Anyway, I think itโ€™s a nifty trick.

I'll be honest between my inbox full of robot reminders and Twitter using the notification button to tell me there are 87 unread things I don't care about, I'm willing to write the hot take "Notifications Considered Harmful".

I'll be honest, nowadays I do some of my best writing and social networking on Discord.

Me a few years ago: Don't send me email - I prefer getting notifications from social media sites.

Me now: ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

RIX Spoilers Show more

A front-end dev once asked me and a co-worker what an OOM exception was because she knew it wasn't "out of mana." Not only was she closer than she thought, I now need to know who I should petition to have that renamed...

* Last duel deck comes out April.
* New product line, 4 "competitive" standard-legal preconstructed decks.

*looks around to make sure no one can hear*

*whispers* I don't really like Commander. instances upgrade to v2.1.0 starting Show more

Following that gift-giving guide, I decided to snag one of those camera bags with the customizable interior for myself and LOVE IT.