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Since I've got my magic cards out today, thought I'd share my custom approach to tokens.

#mtgafr spoilers 

Make of this whatever you wish, for you will be mine in the end no matter what!

is there anything more fun than joining a discord server and muting the 50-80% of channels that don't have anything to do with you?

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The most I've used Matrix was helping migrate a channel from Freenode to Libera.

Is that sad or good?

Got my first haircut in 15 months and gosh i feel so much better

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MH2 Preview 

I don't see much chance that "Elephant Husband comes back from the dead to have a nice dinner with Rhino Husband" doesn't wind up as my favorite card. It's gonna take a lot to surpass this.

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Botsplaining: turns out it's much easier to get a neural nets to sound confident than to actually be correct.

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mtg question 

Hey is there a tournament-legal (but also not ugly) way to mark sleeved cards as sideboard cards so that I don't have to just memorize them?

Boosts appreciated.

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I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

I think the cutest feature in New Horizons is getting your villagers to sing along to music on the radio.

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