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About Me

I'm just your average guy in tech. Open source is super neat.

My Interests

My broad interests are in technology, development, automation, and especially education. I went to grad school to study educational data mining, the process of using data from classroom artifacts to improve instruction and understand the psychology of learning. Now I'm a software developer at a startup.

I'm really interested in game design, especially as a proxy for thinking about education. Right now I'm particularly into Magic the Gathering.

My Projects

Mastodon bots: @askUrza, @skitteringSurveyor, @mtgspoilers, and @archonWatch.


mtgatracker.com (contributor)


My hosting is provided by masto.host. Having a private Mastodon instance is really cool (especially when you use it as a website!), but takes some getting used to since it becomes harder to find new people and for new people to find you. If you are interested in engaging with other people, you'll need to put in the extra work. And, of course, you can always just find an instance at JoinMastodon.